Jenny McCarthy Ties the Knot

Following the lives of celebrities around the world in general and in the United States in particular has become a big part of western culture, for better and for worse. It is all about who is marrying who, when and how, what the ring looks like, if there are children on the way, and if a breakup is in the foreseeable future. When it comes to interesting celebrities to follow, Jenny McCarthy (who not too long ago was gifted an unbelievable engagement ring) definitely makes the cut.

Starting out as a Playboy Playmate, and later becoming the host of MTV’s dating show, Singled Out, Jenny managed to make a drastic turn in her career when she embraced the inner comedienne in her and starred in her own show.

McCarthy went on to star in many renowned shows before placing herself in the spotlight even more with her candid opinions on vaccinations, autism, and her famous relationship with Jim Carrey. Beautiful, funny, charismatic, and most importantly, genuine and real, McCarthy stole the hearts of fans around the world. It is therefore no surprise that her recent engagement to Donnie Wahlberg received lots of attention, and not entirely due to the stunning yellow sapphire engagement ring she was given.

As wonderful as engagements may be, it isn’t over until the knot has been tied. Jenny and Donnie have done just that recently at a stunning event surrounded with family and friends. Of course even more glitzy jewelry was added to Jenny’s collection thanks to the beautiful his and her wedding bands. In order to truly enhance the 10-carat yellow sapphire ring without stealing its thunder, Jenny was given a “simple” diamond band. Donnie made up for the unexciting ring with his black diamond wedding band consisting of four rows of natural black diamonds. Needless to say those weren’t the only diamonds seen on the couple on this special day. Jenny sported gorgeous dangle diamond earrings and a glamorous diamond cuff bracelet.

Jenny looked like an angel in her strapless Di Santo gown, flowing veil, and a bright red bouquet. Donnie was decked out in a black Reiss tuxedo. Red was definitely the theme of this wedding, with red flowers everywhere, including on the enormous white cake, a red carpet, and red nail polish!

Fun was truly had by all at this joyous celebration. Jenny made a point of comparing her wedding to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding in Italy, stating that her wedding is a private, simple affair. It did not need to involve millions of spectators nor did it require three wedding dresses. Surrounded by the people she loves, especially her little guy, Evan, and her brand new husband, was all Jenny needed to have the wedding of her dreams.

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