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Jewelry Trends Straight Off This Seasons Runway Shows

New season, fresh trends! The Fall/Winter 2017-2018 season runway shows are wowing us with their over the top unique jewelry pieces. Whether it’s gold hoops of all sizes, fantasy earrings that tell a story or mystical gems, this season’s trends are unlike any we’ve seen before. Here are the hottest jewelry trends coming our way.

  1. Hoops are coming out to play

    Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Pave Hoop Earrings weight 1.24ct set in 18K Gold, SKU 82961 from LEIBISH on Vimeo.

    Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Pave Hoop Earrings weight 1.24ct set in 18K Gold (1.24Ct TW)

    This season’s runways are seeing the revamping of the classic hoop earring. Doubled-up, stretched or redesigned, hoops are coming out to play as designers rethink the classic earring staple. These fancy vivid yellow diamond pave hoop earrings can have you living up to the runways’ unique hoops. Their yellow diamond design give them just the right amount of subtle sparkle so that you can pair them with either a simple outfit for a clean look, or spice up a patterned fabric for a more fun style.

  2. Fantasy ear cuffs still going strong

    Round Brillant Halo Drop Earrings, SKU 257887 (17.43Ct TW) from LEIBISH on Vimeo.

    The fantasy ear cuff trend is still going strong now for the past few seasons. These extraordinary round emerald and yellow diamond earrings reflect the ear cuff trend in a wearable yet flashy way nonetheless. Pair them with a dress at a cocktail party for some extra pizazz.

  3. The statement necklace is making a bold comeback

    Multicolor Rose Cut diamond Necklace weighing 28.15cts Set in 18K Yellow Gold (28.15Ct TW)
    Although the past few seasons have been dominated by chokers, this season is seeing a major shift towards bringing back the statement necklace. And not just any regular statement necklace at that. The sautoir, or long necklace, is making a bold comeback. This multicolor rose cut diamond necklace fits the bill for just that. The long yellow gold necklace features 28.15 carats of diamonds and is the perfect statement piece to wear at a black tie event.

  4. Mystical Symbols add a sprinkle of mystery

    34971 from LEIBISH on Vimeo.

    The runways are apparently not only for projecting upcoming fashion trends, rather also a place for mystical symbols and enchanting talismans. You can follow this mysterious trend with this vivid yellow diamond pendant that carries a supernatural symbol in its charm. The piece is bold enough to be paired with any type of dress and holds a mysterious allure to it because of the pattern of its pendant.

  5. Not your typical Cross necklace

    Fancy Vivid Yellow and Collection color Maltese Cross necklace, SKU 17252 (0.36Ct TW) from LEIBISH on Vimeo.

    The gold cross also made its way around this season’s runways. The religious symbol was featured in the literal and baroque style at Dolce & Gabbana, unorthodox style at Fausto Puglisi and reworked with a fun twist at Dsquared². You can reflect this sacred motif in your own jewelry collection with this fancy vivid yellow Maltese cross pendant. The design is definitely not your typical cross necklace and will give you a unique way to amplify your outfit.
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