Popular Red Diamonds

Diamonds are found in many colors and with a myriad of color combinations. Some varieties are harder to come by than others. Red, for example, is the rarest color for fancy color diamonds. It is for this reason that many jewelers will never see a red diamond let alone hold one. Red diamonds are closely followed by blue diamonds, which are also extremely rare. Next come pink diamonds, which is kind of strange given their rising popularity. The cause for a pink diamond’s color is unclear. Unlike the presence of an element such as boron or nitrogen being responsible for the color, such as is the case with blue and yellow diamonds respectively; it is believed that pink diamonds receive their color due to the pressure they were subjected to beneath the earth’s surface. This somehow altered the structure of the stone, allowing it to absorb light differently and exude a pink hue. The red color could have also developed in a similar manner. As red is a sort of darker version of pink, and more intense shades are generally harder to come by and more expensive, so to are red diamonds more rare than pink diamonds and thus more costly.

Color Intensity Levels for Red Diamonds

The most important factor for determining the value of a fancy color diamond is its color. Since the color is the focal point, it is divided into several sub-categories: hue, tone, and saturation. The hue is the actual color of the stone, whether that is a red diamond, a pink diamond, a yellow diamond etc. and whether it is a pure color or combined with secondary colors. A diamond’s tone refers to its relative lightness or darkness. Next there is the saturation. This is how deeply or how strongly the color is seen. A color intensity grade is given to each color diamond and combines both tone and saturation. While some colors have upwards of six color intensity levels, only one exists for red diamonds: Fancy.

Red Diamond Secondary Colors

As we have already mentioned, color is the most important element of fancy color diamonds. A color diamond’s description consists of its color and color intensity level. If a stone has one pure hue, such as a red diamond, it will be referred to as a ‘red diamond.’ Since there is only one color intensity level for fancy color diamonds it will read ‘Fancy Red Diamond,’ along with its carat size and shape. If the stone has several colors, such as orangy, purplish, or brownish, it could be called a Fancy Orangy Red Diamond, a Fancy Brownish Red Diamond, or a Fancy Purplish Red Diamond.

Red Diamond Shapes

In addition to a diamond’s color, its cut, carat size, and clarity level are of importance as well. Color diamonds are cut in a way that enhances its color. Therefore, certain shapes are preferred. These include the radiant and cushion shapes. Having said that, red diamonds are cut into many different shapes including princess, marquise, heart, asscher, round, pear, and emerald. Even though the round shape is less recommended for color diamonds it is still quite popular. Diamond descriptions often include its shape and carat size too, so it might look something like this: 0.17-Carat Fancy Red Round Shape Diamond. Lastly, the clarity level may be included as well and could range from SI2 to FL.

0.17 carat, Fancy Red Diamond, Pear Shape, SI2 Clarity, GIA, SKU 68135
Fancy Purplish Red Diamond, Radiant Shape, (I1), ARGYLE & GIA, SKU 303420 Fancy Red Diamond, Pear Shape, SI2 GIA, SKU 68135

With all the beauty red diamonds have to offer, people should be lining up around the corner to purchase one. While red diamonds are extremely sought after, they are incredibly hard to come by, thereby making them difficult to track down and afford. Some fortunate individuals incorporate them into jewelry pieces for the sole purpose of having red diamond jewelry. Others decide to purchase fancy red diamond as an investment. Color diamonds have seen fine appreciation over the years, particularly with pinks and reds. This is yet another reason to consider taking the plunge and adding a red diamond to your collection.

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