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Powerful Diamonds for Women

Diamonds are symbols and expressions of many things. They are a sign of wealth and prosperity, they represent strength, and they also signify power. Therefore it is only fitting to discuss diamonds in regards to the upcoming International Women’s Day, Friday March 8th 2013, which celebrates independent and powerful women around the globe. Though in many cultures it is customary to receive diamonds from a man, such as an engagement gift or other gesture, what better way to celebrate this significant day than by treating yourself to a luxurious piece of diamond jewelry? After all, although women are strong and powerful we still like to look beautiful. Nothing says power like diamonds, especially Fancy Color Diamonds. Here is a look at some sophisticated color diamond jewelry pieces that exude confidence, authority, and success.


The term “diamond rings” often brings up images of engagement rings or wedding rings. The thing is, a diamond ring does not need to be either of these things. A diamond ring of any color radiates class and prestige. A color diamond ring is a way of saying, “I am professional, but break away from the norm and know how to bring a splash of color into my life.” A pink, yellow, or brown diamond ring, whether a solitaire diamond, or a cluster of diamonds, is not your standard colorless diamond studs or ring, nor is it a bland pendant. Placed in a subtle location, on your finger, it catches just the right amount of attention.

1.01 Carat, Fancy Yellow round mounted in a full pave halo ring with a delicate millgrain edge4.17 Carat Diamond Ring with a 3.30-carat Fancy Orangy Pink Diamond Oval Center Stone0.70 Carat, Fancy Deep Yellowish Orange Heart Diamond Engagement Ring

Different colors, shapes, and styles of natural fancy colored diamond rings


Colored diamond earrings can be just the thing for a busy woman to wear. Why? For the simple reason that longer hair can interfere with a hard-working lifestyle, therefore allowing for one’s ears to be revealed more, whether from a short bob, or a pulled-back ponytail. Studs are the way to go in terms of practicality and professionalism. A slight drop earring could work as well, but the longer earrings should be left for special occasions. Color diamond studs are short (literally) and sweet, and are glamorous without deriving too much attention.

2.04 Carat, Fancy Light Yellow Halo Drop Earrings, Pear0.30 Carat, Round Fancy Pink Diamond and White Diamond Earrings, Round0.15 Carat, Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Pave Heart Earrings, Round

Different colors, shapes, and styles of natural fancy color diamond earrings


Many women do not feel that there outfit is complete without the right necklace. Women who dress in business suits with flavorless shirts might need a touch of femininity, which is where necklaces and pendants come in. A color diamond pendant necklace could work well with a button-down shirt with a collar and a jacket or blazer, whereas a color diamond necklace would be suitable for a sweater or turtleneck.

Various Color Diamond Pendants

Multicolor Diamond Necklace


Similar to color diamond rings, color diamond bracelets can attract attention in a subtle manner by dangling from your wrist gently. As you talk and move your hands, eyes will be slightly guided to the glittering diamonds hanging from your wrist. Bracelets are feminine yet somehow say, “I mean business.”

54.84 carat, Multicolored Rose-cut Diamond Bracelet13.42 Carat, Fancy Intense Color Diamond Collage Halo Bracelet, Mix

Different colors, shapes, styles and diamond cuts, multicolored diamond bracelets

Now that the International Women’s Day is upon us, it is important to remember how far we have come in terms of women’s right and women’s roles in society. It is difficult to internalize how very different things were a century ago because of the amazing changes that have occurred since and the times we now live in, which provide many opportunities for both women and men alike. We at LEIBISH would like to salute women worldwide and express our wishes that things continue to change for the better. Happy International Women’s Day and happy shopping!

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