Purple Pink Diamonds

One of the main reasons gemstones are appreciated so much is the fact that they are rare. Thus, the rarer the stone, the more desirable it becomes. Beauty is a factor as well, of course, but without the rarity element, they wouldn’t have as much of a status. There are gemstones that are more valuable than others, otherwise known as precious gemstones.

Diamonds are one of the four types of precious gemstones. While the colorless variety is familiar to most, color diamonds are not as well known. Among the many different colors of fancy color diamonds, there are certain hues that are more common and others that are less common.

Pink diamonds happen to be among the rarer colors, but they are also some of the most popular diamonds. Color diamonds are found in one pure hue and with a number of colors. While the former sort is generally more prestigious and expensive, quite a few color combinations can be highly in demand as well. One of these combinations of secondary colors is the purple-pink combo. Purple pink diamonds can take many forms depending on the amount of each color that is present within the stone. Let us take a look at the various possibilities and what that means for each stone.

Various Shades and Shapes of Pink Diamonds

0.13 carat, Fancy Intense Purple Pink Diamond, Pear Shape, (I1) Clarity, GIA SKU: 145233 0.31 carat, Fancy Deep Purplish Pink Diamond, 1P, Radiant Shape, (I1) Clarity, GIA & ARGYLE SKU: 297589

Purplish or Purple as a Secondary Color

Every diamond color has different possibilities when it comes to secondary colors. Some of the options for pink diamonds include purplish and purple. Secondary colors do not just consist of standard colors such as red, orange, yellow, green blue, purple, brown, etc., but rather, they include shades of each color that are classified by “ish” or “y.” For this reason, one of the possible secondary colors for a pink diamond is purplish. This is different from purple, as it is not seen as strongly as the color classified as purple. So to summarize, possible color combinations for pink diamonds involving the purple color can be referred to as “purplish pink” and “purple pink,” just to name a few.

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Brownish or Brown as Another Secondary Color

Another possibility for a purple pink diamond’s secondary color is one with the brown color: either brownish or brown. A pink diamond can have brownish or brown as its sole secondary color, or in addition to a purple color. In the first case, a possible diamond could be a brown pink diamond and in the second case it could be a brownish purple pink diamond. Each color affects the overall color of the stone and can make it look less or more “pink.”

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Pink as a Secondary Color for Purple Diamonds

Purple pink diamonds can refer to diamonds with both colors present within the stone. It can also be a title consisting of purple as the modifier and pink as the subject. Meaning, technically, a purple pink diamond is primarily a pink stone with a purple secondary color. Diamonds described as a pink purple stone may have both colors, but can predominantly display a purple color. Such stones could be referred to as a pink purple diamond or a pinkish purple diamond.


Purple Pink Diamond Shapes

Like all color diamonds, purple pink diamonds can take many shapes but are preferred in the cushion or radiant shape in order to maximize the color visibility. Other common shapes include round, pear, heart, oval, emerald, and marquise, but they can also be cut into princess and asscher shapes

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LEIBISH has a splendid collection of purple pink diamonds, both loose and set in jewelry settings. Our stones are of high quality and range greatly in size. You can find a 0.50-carat Fancy Light Purplish Pink Round Diamond as well as a 3.24-carat Fancy Pink Purple Cushion Diamond.

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