Robert Kardashian Engaged

There practically isn't a day that goes by that we don't hear about one Kardashian or another, and it often involves extravagant clothing, styles, and jewels. However, it is usually one of the Ks who is in the spotlight: like when Kim tied the knot, or just something about Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, or Kris. Lately, we have also been hearing all the gossip about Caitlyn Jenner as well, even though that's with a C ;)

Robert however, the youngest of the Kardashian children, somehow manages to divert life in the spotlight; until now at least. But really, how can one avoid the public's eye when you present your fiancé-to-be with a stunning $325,000 diamond ring?!?! (That and having five insanely famous sisters and ridiculously controversial parents.) Here is a look at the stunning ring and all the drama that it involved.


The Ring

Blac Chyna is one lucky woman. Not only is she engaged to be married to Robert Kardashian, but she has also received a traditional round-shaped brilliant sparkler that is no less than 7 carats in size!

The triple excellent diamond is said to be worth $325,000, but could be worth even more given the apparent flawless clarity of the stone. Rob took his time designing the ring so that it would be absolutely perfect for his future wife.


The Courtship

As one can expect, Robert and Blac's relationship is not without drama. In fact, it comes with a whole lot of drama since Blac’s ex, Tyga, is currently dating his younger half sister, Kylie. The rapper and Robert’s beloved have a child together, King, which only complicates things further. There was a rumor that Rob’s family was not pleased about the engagement given the delicate situation with Kylie, but Robert has claimed otherwise. The two have been dating since January and Rob popped the question right before Blac's appearance at Ace of Diamonds in Los Angeles.


A New Rob

Those who follow the Kardashian saga know that Robert is somewhat of the black sheep of the family, in more ways than one, and as a result is a little "camera shy." However, since he began his relationship with Blac, we have seen more of Rob in the past three months than the world has seen him in the past three years. That says a lot about the impact this relationship has had on him. To top it off, Rob, who has been struggling with his weight for some time now, has visibly dropped quite a few pounds. Just that can be the cause of what appears to be a new Rob.

Whether Robert and Blac have the Kardashian's blessing or not, it is certain that these two lovebirds are quite happy. The enormous diamond most definitely doesn't hurt either, that's for sure.

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