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Summer Jewelry Trends

Jewelry is always in fashion but as the seasons change so do the trends in jewelry. Summer 2012 promises to be one to remember with cool themes, vibrant colors, and natural motifs. So let’s dip our toe in the water, salt not chlorinated, and see what the sea has to offer.

The Natural Stones Fashion Trend

Summer evokes different memories to different people; however, there are probably many common reminiscences brought on by this season. How about long, hot days and humid, sticky nights, the beach, tans, and the go-slow lethargy that the heat brings in contrast to the vibrant colors? And it is those bright colors that leave a searing impression on this summer’s jewelry. Large, natural, intense stones. Think natural fancy color diamonds and especially yellow diamonds as the top pick in this category – beautiful, durable, colorful, rare, exclusive!

 Yellow Diamond Earrings

Yellow Diamond Pendant 

 Yellow Diamond Ring

Various sizes and pieces of bright yellow diamond jewelry

Flowers, Geometry and Chandeliers

Brightly colored jewelry in floral arrangements structured with flowers, petals, and buds is the basis for necklaces, pendants, and brooches. Chandelier earrings with bright colored natural stone arrangements are the height of fashion this summer. Whether they be one, two, or even three-layered earrings, chandeliers are in big time. So too are bracelets in geometric shapes - think squares, triangles, and circles. They may be more difficult to coordinate but stick with it as the overall effect is well worth the effort.

The floral jewelry trend is further evidence of just how strong the overall floral trend is. Flowers are a major feature on clothing and accessories, and have now found their way to the ultimate accessory.

Fancy Pink Chandelier Diamond Earrings 

 Orange Diamond Pendant

 Pinkish Brown Diamond Ring

Different styles of floral and chandelier diamond rings and pendants and earrings 

The Blue Sea

You can’t look past the color blue this summer. The sea is never far from our thoughts in summer. Influenced by the color of the sea, blue in any shade, tone, or hue especially if used in sea-inspired jewelry is sure to attract envious looks. The sea accompanies florals as the leading summer jewelry trend. Think earrings with scale designs, a ring in the shape of a star fish. They may not be blue but pearls never go out of style and feel right at home with the sea. A mother of pearl necklace or brooch ticks the box of every style element this summer.

And for those gals out there who have an aversion to the color blue – be adventurous! There are so many shades of blue varying from almost white to not quite green that you are sure to find a blue for you. Try on for size, this Fancy Vivid Green Blue Diamond!

 Purplish Pink and Blue Diamond Ring

Fancy Vivid Green Blue Diamond 

Blue Diamond Ring

Blue diamond colors of the ocean:

A Cross-over twin pear halo setting with Fancy Intense Purplish Pink and Blue pearshapes; a Fancy Vivid Green Blue loose Diamond; and a Fancy Vivid Blue Vintage-styled Diamond Ring

Back to the Roots

For those of you who believe that nature is best engaged when scrolling past the National Geographic Channel, there is a summer jewelry trend to which you may feel more in sync – ethnic. No doubt you have traveled and during your adventures you managed to acquire the odd piece of jewelry. Well, now is the time to retrieve it from your bottom drawer and dust it off. It doesn’t matter from what material it is made or even if it matches your other jewelry as long as it’s bright, large, or out of the ordinary. Stand out from the crowd and enjoy the attention.

Fancy Brown Yellow Diamond Ring

0.36ct Pink and Blue Diamond Ring

2.44 carat mix color diamond ring

LEIBISH ethnic designed color diamond jewelry

This summer, there is a jewelry trend for each and every taste, with Mother Nature being the primary inspiration behind the most trendy fashion jewelry. Natural (fancy) color stones, floral designs, blue to help you cool down and the sea on your finger.

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