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Top 5 Christmas Proposals

Regardless of your faith or the way in which you choose to celebrate the holiday season, there is no denying the magic of Christmas and all that comes with it. It is for this reason that the whole Holiday Season, from Christmas, through New Year’s and including Valentine’s Day, is one of the most popular occasions for proposals.

A Christmas proposal is a really romantic gesture. If done right, a Christmas proposal can be dreamy and simply unforgettable. Read some more idea about the right way to propose.

1. Christmas Decoration Proposal

A great way to propose during Christmas time, without actually combining it with the holiday itself is doing so on the days leading up to the holiday season. This way you can (hopefully) spend Christmas as a happy, engaged couple, with the hard (and exciting) part behind you. Decorating Christmas trees is always fun. Make this otherwise trivial activity utterly romantic by dimming the lights, lighting candles, and playing some soft music in the background. Have a bottle of wine handy and begin the decorating process in a relaxed and unassuming way. Then, when she least expects it, have her pick up the ornament containing the engagement ring, which is clearly visible. Drop down on one knee, and ask your bewildered better half to spend the rest of your lives together.

2. Light Up Your Proposal

Another proposal idea that can be done while preparing for Christmas is having a lit up sign made with the words “will you marry me?” written on it or to actually write it our with Christmas lights. When she sees the glowing texts and gasps, get on one knee and pop the question. The can be kept as a souvenir of this special day for years to come.

3. Christmas Gift Proposal

If you want to propose on Christmas day itself, you can have the ring wrapped in many layers, possibly even in a number of boxes. When she begins to open the gift, she will quickly realize that it is a game. She won’t understand just how special the actual gift is until she sees it, or your face, as you prepare to ask her to be your wife. You can even make the gift wrapping special by printing paper with special photos of the 2 of you and wrapping it around the gift, or even printing a map of someone special that you have been together and using that to wrap the gift. This way, every piece of the proposal is extra special. 

4. Stocking Proposal

Another proposal idea for Christmas day is placing the diamond engagement ring in a stocking, possibly with a note attached. She will remove the ring after fishing around the large stocking, and after opening the box and reading the note will have the opportunity to say “yes” to while down on one knee.

5. Santa Proposal

If you, or your significant other, are the silly type, feel free to dress up as Santa Clause. You can pretend to be someone else at first and then reveal who you are by asking for her hand in marriage while displaying a shiny diamond ring, or you can have her laughing uncontrollably from the start when she discovers you in Santa garb, until the laughter tears turn into emotional tears as you get down on one knee.

There is a reason why Christmas is such a beloved and favorite holiday. The beautiful décor, festive atmosphere, giving attitude, and loving feelings that can be seen and felt everywhere make Christmas season a fantastic backdrop for a marriage proposal. You can be cheesy, original, or just plain romantic. No matter what, you can’t really go wrong with a Christmas proposal. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

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