Why Round Diamonds are Pricier than Princess Diamonds

Diamonds are mostly known for their brilliance and their shine. More than even the size of the stone, it is how the light dances or scintillates off the facets.

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Although the cut has a lot to do with how the light reflects off the diamond, certain shapes will often give off more sparkle. Those who have looked a little deeper into shapes might have noticed that compared to one another, the round brilliant is often more expensive per carat. In fact, it is the most popular shape followed by the princess shape which comes in at second.

A 2.86 carat (TW) fancy intense purplish pink diamond ring in a floral design

Dive into the brilliance of a round brilliant fancy intense purplish pink diamond ring

While a princess cut diamond is considered a “fancy shape,” it is actually generally cheaper per carat than a round diamond. By taking a look at what it entails to create a round diamond we will understand why round diamonds are not just the more popular choice but the more expensive one as well.

Argyle Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond Ring (0.68Ct TW)

An Argyle Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond Ring (0.68Ct TW)

Round Brilliant Diamonds

All nice diamonds shine; that is simply part of their natural beauty. However, even when it comes to the best, there are some diamonds which sparkle more than others. There are several reasons for this brilliance, but that with the greatest contribution to the light that dances off the stone is the shape. The round shape is the ideal shape for the utmost level of sparkle. With its 58 facets that are placed strategically throughout the diamond, light is dispersed evenly throughout the entire stone and is reflected in the best way possible. You see, when a diamond is cut into a certain shape, a particular cutting method is used. Some modify the cut and incorporate more facets than others, which allows light to enter and exit in such a way that a brilliant sparkle is created. In order to achieve the elegance of the round shape and sparkle we all know so well, a great deal of the rough stone must be sacrificed. In short, that is the main reason round diamond are more expensive than princess diamonds. Additionally, much time and skill is needed to cut the perfect round diamond. Without the necessary precision, it will not be a successful round diamond.

A 21 carat tinted white round brilliant diamond

The Princess Cut

Also known as the princess cut, the princess shape, which is essentially a modified square-shaped diamond, is a very elegant shape that exudes exactly what its name implies: royalty and prestige. With such a name and appearance, one would assume that this shape is superior to a simple round diamond and thus cost more. While it may appear more impressive to the untrained eye, a princess diamond does not possess the same level of brilliance as a round diamond, and therefore will never cost the same as a round of the same size and quality. After all, colorless diamonds are mostly about their sparkle, which is achieved through cut as much as it is through clarity and color. I actually once read it that princess-cut diamonds retain about 80% of the rough stone whereas round diamonds only retain approximately 50%. This is the main reason princess diamonds will be less pricey than round brilliants.

1.34 carat (TW) Princess-cut & Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

1.34 carat (TW) Princess-cut & Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Higher Demand Equals Higher Prices

Yet another reason round diamonds tend to go for higher prices is the simple fact that they are in greater demand than any other shape. The brilliance of a round diamond is like no other shape, and its rounded sides make it ideal in terms of chipping. As a result of the round diamond’s popularity, their prices are significantly higher than other shapes including the respectable princess cut.

0.70 carat, Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond, Round Shape, SI1 Clarity, GIA

A 0.70 carat, Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond, Round Shape, SI1 Clarity, GIA 

The best way to look at the round diamond vs. princess diamond price situation is seeing the glass half full. True, if you have your heart set on a round diamond, you will most likely end up spending more. However, you will know that you have gotten the most coveted shape for diamonds on the planet, and that it will give you that ultimate sparkle you are after. If you decide to go for the princess cut diamond, you can give yourself a pat on the shoulder for saving some hard earned cash while still ending up with a superior shape that displays quite a bit of brilliance and a whole lot of sparkle.

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