Black Diamonds and Celebrities

It has become quite apparent that colored diamonds have become the hot trend these days, whether used for earrings, necklaces, or engagement rings, but black diamond rings in particular have been popping up everywhere! Black diamond rings for women, as well as for men, seem to be the new colorless diamond. It is interesting because out of all the different colored diamonds, black diamonds would appear to be the least interesting, as they only come in one color intensity, and color combination: fancy black. On the other hand, there are many appealing aspects of the dark stone. Black diamonds are diamonds after all and are therefore the sturdiest substance on the planet. Additionally, black diamonds are found in greater abundance than other colors such as pink, blue, and green. This makes them more affordable as well as easier to come by. But aside from their practical aspects, they are edgy, sexy and awesome!  As a result of these reasons and many others, individuals, celebrities included, are including these black diamonds into their rings. They are diamonds, are beautiful and eye-catching, and most of all, are unique. Let’s take a closer look at this growing trend!

Kim Kardashian Rumored to Receive Black Diamond Engagement Ring from Kanye

Like most Hollywood rumors, this rumor is probably just that and nothing more, nevertheless one thing that is certain is that the infamous Kim Kardashian received a $770,000 black diamond ring from Kanye after giving birth to their daughter who they named North. As of now, all rumors of the ring being an engagement ring are being denied. Still, the enormous and impressive black and tiger-striped diamond ring illustrates how black diamond rings are making their mark in the jewelry world. If it’s good enough to be on a Kardashian’s finger, it must be really something.

Carmen Electra’s Black Diamond Engagement Ring

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this unique and “out-there” celebrity ended up with a black diamond engagement ring. However, it’s not just that this actress is drawn to all things dark and Goth, but that black diamond are actually extremely chic and stylish. She managed to accomplish two things by wearing this ring: staying true to herself and keeping up with the trends.

Kat Von D Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Yet another “Goth” celebrity to embrace the black diamond ring trend is Joel Zimmerman, the Canadian music producer and performer, and his high-profile tattoo artist fiancé, Kat Von D. The ring contains black and white diamonds and is mounted upon a platinum skull-themed setting.

Brooke Burns’ Black Diamond Contrast Rings

Another unique usage of the popular black diamond ring trend is what Brooke Burns did to help contrast her beautiful heart-shaped colorless diamond ring. The otherwise simple and traditional engagement ring was spiced up with the help of micro paved black diamond rings. The contrast of the black and white diamond rings is spectacular.

Everywhere you turn, black diamond rings are showing up. It’s nice to have a safe alternative to colorless diamond rings that is still different and special. Black diamonds go with everything, from dressy to casual, and with essentially every color. We will surely see much more of this budding trend in the near future.

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