Investing In Color Diamonds

Throughout history, diamonds have been treasured and appreciated, and their monetary value has always been high. Between the years 2007and 2008, a diamond of the top cut, clarity, color, and carat increased its value by more than 50 percent. 

Violet diamonds

Are Diamonds a Good Investment?

Even today, when the economic situation in the US and around the world is marked with uncertainty, the leaders of the World Trade Organization expect the diamond market to remain firm and steadfast. A survey recently conducted in the US found that women prefer to cut spending in other areas, but still receive their diamond jewelry for Christmas. Here is an example of an excellent investment opportunity with a romantic twist, which of course is characteristic of diamonds.

pink diamond

Diamonds are divided into two types: white (transparent) and colored (natural fancy color diamonds). The rarity of color diamonds makes them more valuable than white ones.


Although diamonds are not as liquid as traditional investments, in these difficult economic times it is important to focus more on the preservation of capital and less on increasing financial gains, and fancy color diamonds offer a unique source of value for those who chose to invest in them.

Yellow Diamonds

Here are a few of the characteristics which make these diamonds valuable and investment worthy:


• There are established and professional methods for measuring the quality and worth of a fancy color diamond. The expertise of our trained GIA Graduate Gemologist will provide you with a reliable  grading service and valuate a precise market value of the diamond you are investing in, while taking into account the current fashion trends


• The fancy color diamonds can be used for estate planning purposes, as a non-traditional asset with potential economic value (alternative asset), or as a collector’s item. They are both highly functional and beautiful.

• Consumer demand for these fancy color diamonds has steadily increased over the years, thanks to their intrinsic value and rarity, and they have always shown a steady price appreciation...

Orange diamonds

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