Diamond, Ruby, and Gold-Clad Justin Bieber Named Forbes’ Richest Celebrity Under 30

You know a celebrity is here to stay when he or she makes a debut at the tender age of 15, gains fans worldwide, and is bigger than ever five years later. Justin Bieber has gone from a baby-faced pop singer to a universal sensation, oftentimes making headlines for controversial behavior. Nevertheless, with all said and done, the talented Canadian singer has managed to make a name for himself, and by doing so, quite the fortune as well. In fact, Forbes just recently named Bieber as the richest celebrity under 30!

Coming in at number one, before other popular artists, mainly musicians, such as One Direction, Taylor Swift, and even the beloved Jennifer Lawrence, Justin’s fortune proves he is more than just a pretty face. The amazingly successful youngster has taken advantage of his comfortable financial situation to indulge in some of the world’s finest luxuries, including stunning jewels.


Shortly after receiving his new Forbes title, Bieber appeared sporting a number of gold necklaces, including those adorned with rubies and diamonds. Trying to seem inconspicuous by wearing a baseball hat backwards and a blue bandana over the lower half of his face, Justin still stuck out like a sore thumb thanks to his glitzy and glamorous jewels. The rest of his getup included chunky black boots, gray pants, and a black t-shirt. With an estimated $80 million in earnings since June of 2013, the star can certainly allow himself such lavish items. Like many other musicians, the young Bieber is no stranger to all things shiny and bright. Justin recently purchased several jewelry items from celebrity jeweler Elliot Avianne, including a large onyx pendant and two ruby pendants from “The Royal Collection.

With 57,000,000 followers on Twitter and the ability to sell out an entire concert in a matter of minutes, this singing king has a bright future ahead of him, and not just because of all the gems and jewels he keeps on buying.

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