Green Diamonds: Celebrities and Royalty

The green diamond is a beautiful and mysterious stone, due to its natural beauty as well as its extreme rarity. The very few individuals who have been lucky enough to own a green diamond, or to even wear or see a green diamond in their lifetime are just a handful of people on the planet, so to speak. Nevertheless, here is a look at several celebrities and members of royalty who have donned these mesmerizing green gems.

Blake Lively’s Lorraine Schwartz Green Diamond Ring

In 2010 and in 2011, Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively was spotted wearing a stunning green diamond ring. The talented Lorraine Schwartz designed this exquisite creation, which consists of deep green colored diamonds. Such diamonds are incredibly rare.

Catherine the Great of Russia: The Orlov Diamond

The Orlov Diamond is bluish-green diamond with the proportions of half a chicken’s egg. The extraordinary diamond now sits on the Imperial Scepter belonging to Catherine the Great of Russia. There is a total of 180 facets on the diamond, which features a rose-style cut.

Queen Elizabeth’s Heart-Shaped Chameleon Diamond

An extremely rare 3-carat heart-shaped green chameleon diamond was purchased anonymously for Buckingham Palace a few years ago. Since the Queen is a known collector of some of the most fabulous colored diamonds, we think it is fair to assume the diamond was for her.

Among the rarest of colored diamonds, green diamonds possess an unusual and striking color. While a green diamond can be found in a single pure color, more often than not green diamonds are found with secondary hues. Celebrities and royalty members have proven their love for sophisticated jewels, colored diamonds included, by being seen time and time again with spectacular jewels. Both celebrities and royal family members have worn colored diamond jewelry consisting of pink, yellow, and even blue diamonds. However, even for individuals of their stature, green diamonds are quite the luxurious item.

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