Jewelry at the 2017 Grammys

We barely blinked and lo and behold another awards ceremony has taken place. This time it was the highly coveted Grammys, with A-listers like Beyoncé, Celine Dionne, and Demi Lovato in attendance. As usual, the artists outdid themselves, from the over-the-top performances to the unique and vibrant getups to the impressive and expressive jewelry pieces. Given the fact that many of these stars’ ensembles were quite out there to put it mildly, the jewelry choices for the most part were on the more conservative side. We saw a red and black contrast with Chrissy Teigen’s red Coomi earrings, matchy-matchy with Celine Dione’s emerald earrings and green gown, and gold dangling hoops on Demi Lovoto. Here’s a look at some of the exceptional jewelry sightings at this year’s Grammys.

A Splash of Color

The dresses and outfits seen on the red carpet were nothing short of spectacular, which is why many celebs toned down their jewels. However, there were those like Chrissy Teigen who chose to liven up her look with some colorful earrings. Her choice was a pair of red Coomi earrings to complement her back cutout ensemble. Singing extraordinaire, Celine Dionne, stunned in a pair of Dvani emerald earrings, which matched her green gown and statement ring perfectly. 

Staying Subtle

Adele’s busy olive green long-sleeved gown was paired with ‘simple’ Yunman jewels, including sophisticated and timeless yellow gold earrings. Rihanna’s bright orange crop top and black ball gown skirt left little room for loud jewelry, so subtle Chopard jewels it was. These included chandelier earrings, cuff bracelets, and rings. American Idol winner, Katharine McPhee, paired her rainbow-colored gown with simple drop earrings by Sarah Weinstock and Effy.

Hanging Hoops

Several celebrities opted for hoop-like earrings that drop from the earlobe rather than run through the earring hole. One example is Halsey, whose deep blue wardrobe choice was matched with silver-colored hanging hoops with a matching blue stone. She also chose a Y-necklace with white metal beads. Demi Lovato looked phenomenal in her gold-colored outfit and yellow gold oval hoops by David Yurman.

As always, the Grammys was a dramatic event that drew out expression through wild and shocking frocks and outfits. The jewelry was intriguing as well, but in a far more reserved and toned-down way. The jewels brought timeless class to their wearers and proved that regardless of how daring and modern one gets with her wardrobe, there is still plenty of room for classic and regal beauty in the form of beautiful jewels.

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