Johnny Depp Debuts a Female Engagement Ring

In the world of celebrities, every star is known for his or her individual character that sets them apart from one another. When it comes to Johnny Depp, there are so many unique elements that it is hard to focus on just one. Yet if we had to select a noteworthy feature of Depp’s, it would be his intriguing sense of fashion. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the newly engaged 50-year-old talented actor has been strolling around with a shiny diamond engagement ring on his finger. To make things even more exciting, Johnny’s ring is not a masculine ring, sometimes worn by engaged men, but rather, a feminine and delicate sparkling ring with a massive stone! Is this a new trend? Or, is this Johnny Depp just being Johnny Depp? Let’s take a look at this bold move, male engagement rings, and at jewelry for men in general. 

Too Big for Her, Perfect for Him

In a sort of strange version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, where item after item was tried out until one fit perfectly, the stunning diamond engagement ring that Johnny Depp purchased for his bride-to-be, Amber Heard, ended up being too big for her but fit him just right! Instead of returning, exchanging, or resizing the ring, Johnny bravely decided to make it his own by wearing the female ring on his masculine finger. In an interview with David Letterman, Depp claims that knowing a woman’s ring size without asking is a complete farce, hence that is how he went about obtaining the ring for himself. Furthermore, Johnny made a point of stating that Amber has her own engagement ring too. When asked if people comment on his unusual ring choice, Depp responded that he thinks people are afraid to. Regardless of what brought upon the decision to wear such a ring, several things are for certain: it is a romantic gesture, very suitable to Depp’s nature, and a beautiful piece of jewelry.

The Male Engagement Ring Phenomenon

It is not so uncommon these days for men to wear engagement rings. In fact, we are seeing more and more ring styles for men in various designer ring collections. Though engagement rings for men tend to be bulkier than women’s, they generally contain the same precious metals as female rings like platinum and gold, as well as precious stones. Men are choosing to adopt this custom for a number of reasons: it visibly takes them off the market from the moment they become engaged, it is a fashionable accessory, and it is a romantic way of uniting with one’s special somebody.

Bling for Men

Embellished rings are not the only jewelry seen on men. Male folk from all walks of life are welcoming the shiny objects into their wardrobes, whether it is a glitzy bracelet, a delicate necklace chain, luxurious diamond cufflinks, or bold diamond studs. Of course there are also rings, large ones, small ones, and those with a variety of gemstones, which are worn for other reasons than in honor of an engagement. Jewelry companies worldwide are picking up on this fad and are including male-inspired items into their jewelry lines in order to keep up with the demand.

Radiant Shaped Fancy Yellow Diamond Cufflinks

Radiant Shaped Fancy Yellow Diamond Cufflinks

We may not see gentle gold and diamond feminine engagement rings on very many engaged men, but there is definitely an increase in the amount of men who are adorning jewels of all sorts. Who knows? Johnny Depp may have just started some sort of trend, or at the very least, might have encouraged men to explore their feminine side a tad bit more.

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