Kate Middleton Dons Diamond Tiara at First State Dinner

The Duchess of Cambridge, more commonly known as Kate Middleton, is famous for her exquisite taste, regardless of her royal status. Kate simply has a knack for dressing like a million dollars, and when paired with her stunning natural good looks, the result is inexplicably astounding. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the young mother of two appeared at her first state dinner dressed to kill in a Jenny Packham gown, complete with diamond accessories including a diamond and pearl tiara daring back to the 1920s.

The Tiara

Adorned with precious diamonds and pearls, the regal headpiece, called the Lotus Flower Tiara, was on loan from Queen Elizabeth, who inherited it from her mother. The combination of Kate's red gown and royal choice of headwear was quite suitable for the event, which welcomed the president of China, Xi Jinping. In Chinese culture, red means good fortune, but wearing red in China won't always work. The color also matches the Chinese flag. That's a win-win for the Duchess's wardrobe color choice. To top it off, the stunning tiara was worn on top of a simple yet classic chignon hairdo. As this was the first state visit of a Chinese President to the UK since 2005, it was most certainly an impressive and hospitable welcome.

History of the Lotus Flower Tiara

Worn by the Queen Mother when she bore the title of Duchess of York, the Lotus Flower Tiara was short lived in the tiara collection. Eventually in 1959 the delicate tiara was given to the Duchess's daughter, Margaret, who wore it in the traditional fashion on the crown of her head in contrast to the fashionable bandeau style, which the Duchess of York tended to display. The tiara was also loaned at one point to Serena Stanhope, who wed Viscount Linley, Margaret's son. Though Margaret passed away in 2002 and much of her jewels were sold, this special piece remained in the royal family where it still remains today.

Additional Tiaras Worn by the Duchess of Cambridge

Kate's appearance in this delightful tiara was not just a statement because of the piece's beauty but because it is only the third time she has worn a tiara since she became Duchess. The Cartier Halo Tiara was worn to her famous wedding in 2011 and the same Lotus Flower Tiara was also worn in 2013, to the Queen's annual diplomatic reception.

The twenties-style tiara is certainly not the most lavish of tiaras, but is nevertheless quite suiting to the Duchess of Cambridge's gentle demeanor. Regal and yet childlike, the diamond and pearl tiara was a wise addition to the Duchess's classy attire worn to her first state dinner.

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