Katy Perry, Kelly Rowland, What’s With the Rings Gals?

So What’s With the Rings Gals?

Are Katy Perry and Kelly Rowland playing, “Let’s keep the rumor mill working overtime,” as both of them have been recently seen flashing what appears to be diamond engagement rings on their ring fingers.

Following a turbulent 14 month marriage to the bad boy of comedy, Russell Brand, that concluded almost two years ago; is it possible that the 29 year old actress, pop goddess, and all-round fun gal is about to get hitched again?


On the red carpet at the recently held MTV European Music Awards, Perry was dressed in a figure hugging Zac Posen dress, with a vintage headpiece from Tokyo, and a single sparkler on the ring finger of her left hand. Could it be that current beau, 36 year old musician John Mayer has finally popped the question? The couple has been together for just over a year yet during that time have broken up and got back together twice. This could be the ring that finally clinches it for the pair.


Never one to stand in the way of a little fun and irreverence; Perry would not deny the engagement rumors when questioned. Guess only time will tell whether the musically talented duo will take the next step in their on-again, off-again relationship.

Kelly Rowland, Beyonce’s former side kick in Destiny’s Child and current X Factor judge, also managed to set tongues wagging when an Instagram photo revealed a rather large sized diamond on her wedding finger.


The 32 year old is said to be romantically involved with her manager, Tim Witherspoon (not to be confused with the boxer of the same name), but everyone is keeping mom about the issue.


Guess that time will tell the respective statuses of the two divas. In the meantime, let the gossip columns stoke the flames.

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