Marriage Made in Heaven

Legendary French jeweler Jacques Cartier was a master at mixing materials in contrasting shapes and colors which became synonymous with his brand. This extraordinary legacy has continued radiating throughout the industry for generations.

Cartier Tutti Frutti Bracelet

It was during his well-documented travels to the Orient, and especially in India – that Cartier uncovered the power of using materials in contrasting colors The dynamism created between two seemingly polar opposite colors---in humans and also in jewelry, creates excitement and awakens great desire.

Here is a beautiful example of color pairing with the earrings shown below. It illustrates the great combination and interaction between these breathtaking natural colors.

We sometimes witness this electromagnetism in certain juxtaposed gemstones—from far away countries- like our 4.60 carat Myanmar pink sapphire surrounded by green Tsavorite garnets.

LEIBISH Mogok Vivid Pink Sapphire and Green Tsavorite Bombe Ring

The Perfect Couple

Muzo emeralds for example, with exciting Argyle pink diamonds or pink sapphires are another superb combination. In order to bring the magical power to fully shimmer- you must use the finest quality of natural materials.

LEIBISH Cushion "No Oil" Muzo Emerald & Argyle Pink Diamond Stud Earrings

Argyle pink diamonds offer up the rarest and most exciting colors that man can imagine. And now the famed mine is closed forever. It’s like a miniature painting from an Impressionist master from the past century, The carefully selected gemstone colors are juxtaposed with the skill of a masterful artist’s intention. Have you ever considered why these stunning jewels create such an electrical energy between the two colors?

Muzo emeralds exhibit a vibrantly saturated true green hue that are irresistible for savvy collectors. When you add to that the exotic spice of an Intense or Vivid Argyle pink diamond---one cannot resist its dramatic effect. The brilliant use of complementary colors in jewelry design like the pink and green combination are the stuff of dreams.

Obviously we select the finest no-oil Colombian Muzo emeralds that are worthy of our original designs. The quality of these stones becomes ever more apparent as the carat size increases. Pairing these alongside lively pink diamonds make both stones even more exciting.

Perhaps we can draw similarities in the chemistry between a man and a woman, too. The purely genetic mix between distant ethnicities like a man from Samarkand and a woman from Switzerland creates a powerfully strong genetic combination in of their offspring.

If Colors Could Talk

What exactly causes opposing colors to appear even more vivid than seeing them separately? The stones are artfully selected as complementary colors to each other. They are complete opposites on the color wheel, which allows the eye to appreciate each tint to its optimum. What a spark! Instant attraction.

Raymond Graff once told me that pinks are the horses pulling the carriage of every piece of jewelry.

LEIBISH Oval Muzo Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring

The jeweler’s Touch

But there’s still another step to consider once a selection has been made to marry the stunning pink and green together. Color pairing is only the beginning when it comes to creating important jewelry. An imaginative designer must continue the storytelling experience through the artful placement of the stones in compelling settings. Similar to the complexities of human marriages, a marriage made in heaven with perfect gemstone pairing is complex, nuanced and endlessly fascinating.

LEIBISH Extraordinary No Heat Oval Sapphire and Diamond Side Stone Ring 

An outstanding 11.64 carat no-heat Sri Lankan sapphire is set nestled amongst Tanzanian Chrome Peridot with its glowing green colors creates an alluring analogous combination with blue sapphire.

Analogous and Complementary Combinations

So there you have it—we use complementary colors which are those on the opposite side of the color wheel, like the pink sapphire and green Tsavorite garnet design which awakens the senses. By another stroke of artistry, we use analogous colors which are those next to each other on the color wheel, creating an alluring appeal. This is shown with our Sri Lankan sapphire and Chrome Peridot design.

We take on the role of master artist in the world of colors, creating couture jewelry like a painter would select from his infinite palette mixing shades with confidence.

LEIBISH Green Emerald and Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Halo Pendant

Our Lives as Analogy

The analogy proves our lives are also flowing in contradictory color and movement – we have many ups and downs as we move forward. We awaken in an energetic mood full of optimism, everything looks like a green pasture before me. Today is my day and I’ll do something remarkable.

By midday when the sun is high above with its vivid yellow color everywhere, we still act with full vigor. But by late afternoon, the reality of our ability sinks in, and we face the limits of our ability. As the sunset reveals its powerful red-orange tones, we regain our composure once again and fall asleep with renewed hope. Tomorrow is another day, and with it comes a new chance to reach that total perfection.


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