Mellow Yellow in the Pink

Fancy color diamonds come in the following twelve colors: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Orange, Red, Green, Purple, Black, White, Gray, Champagne, and Violet. Chameleon is not a color on its own, but due to its unique color changing phenomenon, it is often presented in its own class. Add to these options the ability of each stone to combine magnificent color combinations. Each stone can potentially contain a main color and one, two, or even up to three overtones. The permutations, variations, and combinations of colors are almost limitless.

 Fancy Colored Diamonds

It is a well established fact that color influences mood. Consequently, it would seem logical that the sparkling color of a fancy color diamond should have an even stronger influence on mood.

Imagine a glistening yellow diamond. Yellow diamonds are the most common of fancy color diamonds with a very large variety to choose from. Yellow connotes the sun, happiness and warmth; although it is probably best known as setting a mellow or focused mood. So, if you are feeling a bit down and uptight, a yellow diamond may do the trick to pick you right back up. Contrast this with black. Often reserved for the evening, black sets a mood of mystery and dark enchantment. Of late, black diamonds have become very popular among celebrities.


Fancy Yellow


Fancy Black

Fancy white is the polar opposite of a colorless stone. It is very unique and very rare. White is the color of purity. It blends with all other colors. Want to feel pure; a fancy white diamond will fit right in. Fancy white stones have not yet attained great popularity, however demand is slowly building - it is still possible to be “one of a kind” with a fancy white diamond. Want that purity of feeling but not necessarily angelically so, try a variation on white such as gray, or champagne. They represent excellent value for money as they are more reasonably priced than white diamonds.


Fancy White

Fancy Grey


Fancy Champagne

For something that stands out, a fire-engine red stone will do the trick. The rarity of a red diamond ensures that the wearer will stand out from the crowd. Difficult to acquire due to its rarity and cost, red is associated with action, sexuality and passion, energy and power. This color sets a real vigorous and exciting mood.

 Fancy Red

Pink is the most desirable of colors for fancy color diamonds, possibly due to the color being connected with femininity. Although often thought of as a relation of red, pink has differing associations, such as youth – it is a calming color. Rather than sexuality and passion, pink reflects love and romance, sweetness and softness. It is the perfect stone to set a romantic mood. Blue is also associated with calm, serenity, and relaxation – the sky, the ocean. More subdued than pink, blue offers similar mood altering characteristics.


Fancy Pink


Fancy Blue

A mixture of yellow and red, orange can influence your mood to be stimulating and daring. Expressing wealth, royalty, and luxury is purple; whilst violet, one of the rarest of fancy color diamonds can bring on a state of love, passion, intrigue, and elation.


Fancy Orange


Fancy Purple


Fancy Violet

Green is the color of grass and trees. It is a friendly color and because of its linkage to nature, it is attributed to having great healing properties. It induces a mood of nature and growth and natural beauty.

 Fancy Green

Perhaps a stone that will change with your mood is more fitting? Chameleon diamonds are green or yellow stones that change color when taken from the dark into light or when heated. This miraculous phenomenon might be perfect for someone who isn't sure what kind of day they are expecting.

 Fancy Chameleon

Notwithstanding that color is known to influence mood, there is a seemingly contradictory dilemma with regard to color, mood, and fancy color diamonds. One would think that possessing and wearing a fancy color diamond, irrespective of color, would result in similar moods – happiness, security, individuality, and privilege. It will be interesting to see what the color mood experts make of that.

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