Miranda Kerr’s Engagement Ring

When the founder of a billion dollar company proposes to a Victoria’s Secret super model you would expect the ring to be out of this world. Well, although Miranda Kerr’s engagement ring is most definitely surprising, it is not extraordinary in the way one would think. Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel proposed to the brown-haired blue-eyed beauty with a 2.5-carat solitaire diamond ring. Despite the reported billions he is worth, Spiegel opted for a toned-down, modest yet exquisitely classic ring that is nothing short of timeless.

With the excited reactions and attention the ring has caused, we could be talking about an enormous rare diamond. Could simple be making a comeback? Let’s take a look at Miranda’s ring and the drama that led up to the big moment.

The Ring - Simple Yet Stunning

Set upon an undecorated platinum band and flanked by two baguette diamonds, the 2.5-carat round brilliant diamond is the essence of class, beauty, and simplicity. The handsome and successful Evan could have easily splurged a bit more for something completely out there and ostentatious but this humble choice that is still quite impressive and beautiful, makes a statement louder than any colossal rock ever could. It sends a message of setting limits to material matters and vanity and focusing on simple yet true beauty both materialistically and spiritually speaking. The ring is valued at $55,000 (although there are those who claim it is worth up to $150,000.)

Custom Announcement

While Miranda’s ring may be on the safe and ordinary side, her engagement announcement on social media was far from anything conventional. As the future wife of the king of Snapchat, it is only fitting that her announcement to the world involved a custom Snapchat filter featuring a “Will you marry me?” design complete with caricature figures of the lovebirds. The Snap was later shared on Instagram. Evan proposed on July 20th after dating for a year. This will be Miranda’s second marriage since she was once married to Orlando Bloom, with whom she has a five-year-old son, Flynn.

Age Doesn’t Matter

When you’re in love, nothing seems to matter, including age. He may be a super successful tech guy and she may be one of the most beautiful women on the planet but there is still a seven-year age gap between the couple, with Miranda being the senior of the two. Perhaps this pair of celebrities will defy the nature of many celeb marriages and have a happy, loving, and stable relationship for many years to come despite any obstacles that may come their way.

The tech-meets-fashion engagement brings to light the advantage of simple jewelry. It isn’t always about the biggest and the loudest. Sometimes a genuine, classic look is the way to go. Focusing on solid, smooth features with top-quality materials such as high clarity stones and precious metals can result in jewelry pieces that look fabulous and will never go out of style.

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