Pink Diamonds and Celebrities

Pink Diamonds are among the rarest specimen on this planet, and are among the rarest of Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds. Not only are these stones unique, stunning, and highly valuable, they are also extremely popular, as we can see from the many celebrities who have been seen adorned with these pink jewels!

Here is a look at some stars and celebrities who have showcased Pink Diamonds

Jennifer Lopez

This list cannot commence without mentioning the beautiful Jennifer Lopez and the memorable Harry Winston Pink Diamond engagement ring she received a few years back from Ben Affleck. Though the two are no longer together, and the ring has since been returned, the undeniable beauty of the enormous 6-carat Pink Diamond Ring, worth over $3 million, remains! 


Anna Kournikova

Professional tennis player Anna Kournikova has been seen wearing an 11-carat pear-shaped Pink diamond ring worth approximately $6 million.

Queen Elizabeth

Celebrities may try their very best to obtain the most spectacular Pink Diamond, but the search will be in vain since the finest Pink Diamond ever found sits on the Williamson Brooch, belonging to the Qeen of England herself! The 23.6-carat Pink Diamond is set into a diamond flower-shaped brooch by Cartier.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s 10.02-carat emerald-cut Pink Diamond engagement ring from fiancé Nick Cannon is flanked by two side stones and then surrounded by pave diamonds. Jacob Arabo created this Pink Diamond masterpiece. 

Kate Bosworth

The actress, model, and singer received a cushion cut Pink Diamond engagement ring. The ring is elegant and quite suited to the dainty beauty!

Penelope Ann Miller

Penelope Ann Miller wore a Blue Nile rare 3-carat radiant Pink Diamond ring on the red carpet. The center stone is surrounded with Pink and White diamonds.

Katie Price

Price was seen wearing a heart-shaped Pink Diamond ring by Leandro Penna. The combination of a Pink Diamond and the rare heart shape is an unusual but fabulous mix.

Blake Lively

Ms. Lively was recently proposed to with an impressive 12-carat oval Light Pink Diamond engagement ring worth $2 million. The diamond is set in a custom rose gold setting with a delicate diamond studded band.

Pink diamonds exude a soft, gentle, yet mesmerizing beauty unlike any other stone, so it is no wonder these stars have caught onto the trend and are sporting the pink stone. Celebrity sightings of Pink Diamonds can only increases the demand for the rare gemstone so one can be sure that not only will money buy him or her a sensational diamond but a solid, valuable investment as well.

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