Sasha Farber of “Dancing With the Stars” Proposes with 4-Carat Pink Sapphire

There is no shortage of drama on the hit series “Dancing With the Stars,” what with the stunning celebrities, toned dancers, and critical judges, there’s always something fun going on. Apparently it wasn’t fun enough because dancer Sasha Farber felt the need to propose to fellow dancer, Emma Slater on the show itself!

In what must have gone down as one of the most unforeseen and romantic televised proposals of all times, Emma agreed to become the future Mrs. Farber, and sealed the deal with a movie-worthy kiss. To top it off, the limber tanned blonde beauty was lucky enough to receive a unique wine-colored 4-carat oval pink sapphire surrounded by 115 micropave diamonds.

Although they have known each other for almost eight years, the pair only began dating two years after they first met. Even so, Farber said he knew Emma was the one for him after knowing her for just a few short months. Sasha is originally from Australia and Emma is from England, so the location of the wedding is still unknown. The couple jokes that they may have to have three weddings!

The duo has been together for over five and a half years, recently bought a house together, and is now engaged and yet they are in no rush to tie the knot. As adorable and romantic as the couple may be, their relationship has always been natural without any unexpected surprises. According to Slater, that’s the way a healthy relationship should develop. She feels like she has been engaged or married to Farber for years now, the only difference the engagement has made is the weight of her not-so-small ring.

So many stars and celebrities are moving towards the amazing colors seen in precious gemstones as it enables that opportunity to be unique and truly stand out! So if your taste in jewelry might be similar to Emma Slater, check out our ruby engagement rings and let us know which one you like best!

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