Taylor Armstrong’s Diamond Engagement Ring – Beverly Hills 90121

Guess they just don’t know how to do anything modestly in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Housewife, Taylor Armstrong, may need a full-time bodyguard not just to protect her newest accessory but also to make sure all the little stones stay in place. Yes, Taylor Armstrong is sporting an engagement ring with 121 diamonds!

The ring was created by Los Angeles jeweler, Ari Soffer, but designed by her fiancé, John Bluher.

The 18 karat yellow gold setting is in a fleur-de-lis design and wrap-around crosses filled with diamonds on the sides.
According to Soffer, “We paved the sides of the fleur-de-lis and put nine diamonds on every cross. There are 65 diamonds around the band and 56 on the fleur-de-lis.”

For the mathematically impaired, that’s a grand total of 121 diamonds. And the cumulative weight - 2.5 carats.

As you’d expect, they didn’t skimp on the quality of the diamonds either according to Soffer, “We used extra white perfect diamonds.”

The purchase was apparently a joint decision yet the choice of style was something that appealed to both parties. The ring design is not something you see every day and it’s definitely not one for shrinking violets. Guess the same words can be used to describe Armstrong.

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