The Black Orlov Diamond

Black Orlov is a 67.50 carat, cushion-cut diamond. The color of the diamond is deemed black but is in fact a very dark gun-metal color.

Legend has it that the Black Orlov, also known as the "Eye of Brahma" was an uncut black stone of 195 carats, pried out of the eye of the statute of the sacred Hindu God Brahma, from a temple in Southern India. It takes much from the story surrounding the legendary Hope diamond.

Apparently, the stolen diamond found its way to Russia, where it is believed to have been acquired by Princess Nadia Vyegin Orlov of Russia – hence its name. In 1932, the diamond found its way to the United States. It was purchased in 1947 by Charles F Winson who sold it to an unknown buyer in 1969 for USD300,000.

It was auctioned by Sotheby’s in 1990 for USD99,000 and again in 1995 to an anonymous private collector for USD1.5 million. In 2004, J. Dennis Petimezas, a jeweler and diamond dealer from Pennsylvania, acquired the diamond from the anonymous private collector, who purchased it in 1995. The purchase price of the diamond was not disclosed. Petimezas sold the diamond 30 months after buying it for USD360,000 to an anonymous non-US buyer.

The Black Orlov is currently set in a diamond brooch surrounded by 108 white diamonds and suspended from a 124-diamond necklace.

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