The De Young Red Diamond

The round brilliant-cut, 5.03 carat, De Young Red diamond, is, as the name implies, a red colored stone with a slightly brownish hue. The main kite-shaped facets on the crown are horizontally divided in two, giving the stone slightly more brilliance than a standard round brilliant. The De Young is not a pure red though, but contains a slight brown hue, which is what makes it appear more like a fine garnet than ruby-like.

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The stone is named after onetime owner Sidney de Young, a Boston jeweler who later donated the diamond to the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington DC. De Young owned the diamond for quite a long time. It had been acquired by his company as part of an estate sale where the item had been described as a garnet hat pin. One day, De Young examined the garnet hat pin and noticed the so-called garnet just did not look quite like a garnet. He also observed that for an old stone it was very clean and free of scratches. This observation aroused his suspicions and he took the stone to be tested. De Young’s instincts were correct; the ‘garnet’ wasn’t a garnet at all but rather a red diamond – the De Young Red.

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