The Intangible Allure of Luxury

Luxury is part of magic.

I often hear that luxury is about selling dreams. But I actually think luxury is not about dreams but rather it’s about magic. Luxury is a form of magic, which transforms and uplifts the nature of things, just as magicians and fairies do.

Cartier the Alchemist

Luxury maisons do not create that ethereal dream world, rather they embellish it by adding something completely enchanting to it. Jean Cocteau wrote about the legendary House of Cartier, describing its founder as a ‘subtle magician’. Cartier helps us see beauty wherever it may appear, including in the mundane like nails or screws. They become transformed into precious artifacts, objects of desire---just like that. They make the ordinary extraordinary, like an alchemist.

Transformation of Luxury

The magic of luxury also has an effect on the one who wears these treasured creations. Precious stones carry energy and mystery, having been mysteriously forged below the Earth millions of years ago. Colorful stones have been collected, horded and fought over since time immemorial. From that they naturally evolved into potent symbols of royal or religious power. They hold a fragment of eternity. They render confidence. They enhance life and elevate the soul.

Modern Times

In the realm of luxury especially, jewelry takes on a mystical quality. Even so, modern times call for transparency all the way around-- on materials, processes, origins, and supply chains. The whole thing.

One can wonder if this new era of transparency is compatible with magic. Will it not kill the mystery? I can’t see that it will kill the mystery because magic is not an illusion---luxury remains. The more one sees a true artisan’s craftsmanship, the more awe it brings. The more one understands the sum of technology and the know-how necessary to magnify beauty, the more amazing it becomes.

The more one wears carefully curated jewelry. the more confident one feels. That luxury piece of jewelry is alluring—and so is the woman wearing it.

Power of Love in Action

When Luxury maisons create beautiful settings, it unleashes an ephemeral magical transformation, revealing its true charm and allure. Like Cinderella´s fairy godmother whose touch temporarily revealed Cinderella’s true self--- let’s experience the magic of love in operation. 

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