The Mogok Splendor

LEIBISH Mogok Vivid Pink Sapphire and Green Tsavorite Bombe Ring

The Splendor of Mogok

The world’s legendary jewels have all hailed from mysterious and exotic lands in far flung regions. The Star of India, that mammoth 6-rayed star stone was recovered from Sri Lanka. The Cullinan Diamond, the largest diamond ever found, was mined in South Africa. And the enormous Jewel of Kashmir sapphire required heroic efforts to uncover it high in the Himalayas over a century back.

Mogok city (Photo Credit to Naw Htike)

The Road to Burma

The Mogok Stone Tract in upper Burma has also been synonymous with the world’s most cherished jewels dating back some 2,000 years. Remote and inhospitable, this southeastern Asian country has famously produced remarkable jewels throughout time. This special tract is famed for ruby, sapphire, spinel, peridot, and moonstone. “For centuries, the Mogok Stone Tract’s hills were legendary for such amazing abundance that locals were said to come upon gems just glinting in the grass in their gardens,” reports the American Museum of Natural History in their published work, Ruby Land: The Gems and Geology of Myanmar’s Mogok Stone Tract.

Miners in the Kadoke-tat mine (Photo Credit to Federico Barlocher)

Ruby Land Ahead

While it may be difficult to acquire these sumptuous stones today, it is still possible to those persistent enough to endure the rigors of Burma (Myanmar). The region’s highway boasts a “Welcome to Ruby Land” sign foretelling the approximately 1,000 working mines still found there.

LEIBISH Burmese Marquise Ruby and Heart Diamond Three-Stone Halo Ring

The exceptional 4.60 ct vivid red Mogok Splendor was mined in the monsoon-ridden subtropical valley of Kadoke Tat (or Kadote-dat). It was recovered from the natural marble fissure in Mogok Township a decade back. In Asia these stones are traditionally called Burma Ruby. The mine is acknowledged for its fine rubies and other gemstones.After being polished by a local craftsman, the crystal revealed its superb quality. The no-heat Mogok Splendor rivals the most incomparable of Burmese sapphires.

Mogok Gems 

The Trophy for Mining Hardship

Mining gemstones, especially in this rugged terrain, is both grueling and fraught with danger. The miner has to move tons of marble and carefully scan the results for quality corundum. The miners must inspect hundreds of tons of marble just to find a worthy crystal.

Miners in the Kadoke-tat mine during hard and dangerous labor

Inside the Kadoke-tat mine

The Valley is blessed with coveted gems including rubies and sapphires embedded in its creamy white marble that must be brought to the surface.

The stone embedded in motherock crystal of marble

Vivid red rubies have increased in prominence following the closure of the Argyle mine in 2020.  While they are not cheap, they have a winning price point when contrasted to the stellar prices of pink diamonds.

The Mogok Splendor

Burmese ruby and sapphire are currently the darling of auction houses and reaching exceptional prices for fine goods. Collectors are quick to identify a superb stone when they see one and they understand they represent exceptional value while bringing a lifetime of enjoyment.

LEIBISH Mogok Vivid Pink Sapphire and Green Tsavorite Bombe Ring

Extraordinary Burma Unheated Red Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

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