LEIBISH wants to give you the chance to get the best, for less! But act fast, because this sale is one of our best. Don’t wait, pick 3 before it’s too late!


How the Pick Three Special Works

  1. Select your favorite three items by selecting
  2. Each selected item will be added to your PICK THREE list (which can be found at the top of the page)
  3. If more than three items are in your list, make sure to PICK the three you want by clicking
  4. Submit your PICK THREE list by selecting

Within 24 business hours we will send you an email with the best prices possible for each item in your PICK THREE LIST, as well as a package price should you choose to take all three!

So what are you waiting for, START SHOPPING!

Please note:

*The diamonds will only remain available at the prices offered until the end of the Pick 3 Special.

 *The Pick 3 Special is in accordance with all company sales regulations. Please view our Terms and Conditions.