Celebrities Flash Beautiful Black Diamonds

Colored diamonds come in every color of the rainbow, and they also come in black. Black diamonds are like no other black gemstone. They are not similar to onyx, or to any other stone for that matter. These stones only come in one color intensity level: intense. Celebrities have discovered these intriguing jewels just as they have discovered some other colored diamonds such as yellow diamonds and pink diamonds. Here is a look at celebrities who have taken to the black diamond trend in some way or another and made it their own. 


Jennifer Lawrence

The now famous Hunger Games star looked all dolled up and beautiful with her hair and makeup done at the premiere of the Hunger Games back in March of 2012. With her hair pulled back, her black diamond studs were on display for all to see. The combination of her golden hair and the dark diamonds was especially spectacular.

Carmen Electra

Ms. Electra does not do anything that is the norm; she always has to shock, as she did with her gorgeous black diamond engagement ring that she received from her rocker boyfriend.

Angelina Jolie

The beautiful actress and mother of six, is known for wearing glorious jewels, from emeralds to diamonds to many other delightful pieces. Jolie, together with fiancé Brad Pitt, have launched a jewelry line to benefit charity. The first item in this line is a pair of black diamond and emerald cufflinks for men, in the shape of the line’s signature serpent. The body of the serpent is crafted from black diamonds while the eyes are emeralds. All of the stones are set in 18k white gold.

Britney Spears

The controversial pop singer had access to an unbelievable pair of earrings, consisting of black diamonds, and yellow and blue sapphires. The unbelievable pair of de Grisogono earrings was worn to Elton John’s post-Oscars bash, along with a very sparkly dress.

Black diamonds are like no other diamond, colored or colorless. It is a very dark stone that still has a shine, and is of course the sturdiest substance on the planet. These rare jewels can be dressed up or dressed down, and that is probably why our celebrities love them so much.

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