Our Diamonds and Jewelry

When you design your own ring, the shank width of the ring band will vary proportionally depending on the ring's size and the size of the center stone, and the approximate width that is listed on the page may be smaller or bigger than what is listed. The exact width will be determined upon the ring's production, and your sales executive will give you the exact information should you wish it.

Conflict diamonds, sometimes called blood diamonds, are diamonds sold by rebel and terrorist groups most prevalent in central and West African nations. LEIBISH. is a proud believer in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), and can guarantee that the company only deals with 100% conflict-free diamonds.

Learn more about Conflict-free Diamonds.

Our in-house appraisal is absolutely free.

For diamonds that are already certified, the certificate is free.

For GIA appraisal, one of our representatives will help arrange the appraisal for you. The GIA's fees will change depending on the diamond, so no one overall fee can be quoted here.

All of our certified diamonds and jewelry will arrive with their certificates in your packaging.

Yes!  Situated in the Diamond Exchange in Israel, we have full access to all colorless goods, as well. If you don't find your dream stone on our website, let us know what you are looking for.

It generally takes between 14 to 22 business days to manufacture custom made jewelry, whether it is a ring, bracelet, earrings, pendant or necklace.  In addition, it takes up to 5 business days for shipping, depending on your location.

Yes!  In fact, we specialize in setting custom design fancy color jewelry.  Browse through our jewelry catalog online, show us what you have in mind or let our jewelry design team come up with something unique and special just for you!

Please be advised that our minimum price for custom-made jewelry is US$5,000.


Yes.  For a small fee we will ship your stone/s to a Malca Amit viewing station in your area or to one of our associates' offices for viewing.  Ask us if this service is available in your area.

If not, all LEIBISH. purchases are guaranteed and returnable within 30 days.  Therefore, you may have it sent directly to your home/office to view it and in the event that you are not completely satisfied, you may return it for a full refund. No questions asked!

Yes.  We are constantly getting in new stones although it takes a few days to photograph and upload them to our website.  Please feel free to ask us if you don't find what you're looking for online.

Daily!  So check back often to see what's new.

 In general all the stones that appear on the website with a price are available. Please feel free to ask us about any stone you see on our site so we may check on its availability.  If it is not available, we may have a similar new stone to offer you!

Yes, we provide professional appraisal reports for all Fancy Colored jewelry.  Each appraisal is signed by the company, and the natural color of all stones is guaranteed.

In-House grading refers to stones that have been graded by our in-house GIA graduate gemologist and are not accompanied by a Gemological Institute of America Laboratory Certificate.

Generally speaking, in-house graded stones are usually lower priced stones in order to keep the cost of the stone for our customers as low as possible. There's an option to request an IGI or GIA certificate for these stones at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.

We are happy to send non-GIA certified stones to GIA for certification.  The cost will depend on the size of the stone, starting at $150. This service takes between 3-4 weeks to process.

The vast majority of our stones are certified by GIA. In addition, we have some stones graded by IGI, AGT, Argyle, and by our in-house GIA Gemologist.

All of our stones are 100%  NATURAL Fancy Color Diamonds and have not been treated or enhanced in any way.


If you are interested in placing a stone or piece of jewelry on reserve through our website, you are required to put a 10% deposit. Within 48 hours one of our Account Executives will contact you with further instruction. Please note that while deposits can be placed directly through our website, the remaining balance is to be paid by bank wire or by requesting a PayPal Payment Request from your Account Executive. LEIBISH. reserves the right to cancel any online reservation at their discretion in cases of misuse or spamming.

You have up to one week to complete payment for a reserved item, unless otherwise agreed upon with your Account Executive.  

Often times we are able to find the stone you are looking for – please e-mail us at info@leibish.com or call us 1-855-LEIBISH (1-855-534-2474) with your request.

Certainly! 1-855-LEIBISH (1-855-534-2474) – if it is after hours, please leave a message or send us an e-mail us at info@leibish.com and we will be happy to assist you.

There are many factors to consider when investing in colored diamonds. We suggest you contact us by phone 1-855-LEIBISH (1-855-534-2474) or e-mail at info@leibish.com so we can best advise you and your personal situation

Yes! In fact, we specialize in custom design jewelry. You can either show us what you had in mind or let our jewelry design come up with something unique and special just for you!

You can use this convenient ring sizer from our website!  Click here to download.

We are only able to set diamonds purchased at LEIBISH.as we cannot take responsibility for others' stones.

Sure! Please e-mail us at info@leibish.com or call 1-855-LEIBISH (1-855-534-2474) for more info.

If you would like to reserve a diamond or piece of Jewelry you may do so by placing a 10% deposit through any product page on our website. Alternatively, you may also reserve a stone by contacting a LEIBISH. Account Executive at info@leibish.com or calling us toll free at 1-855-LEIBISH (1-855-534-2474)


Depending in what country your delivery is located, customs may hold your delivery longer than others. Therefore, while we can approximate within a few days on which day your shipment will be delivered, we cannot promise an EXACT date.

However, all of our shipments are sent with signature-only delivery, so you are called prior to delivery to arrange a time.

Yes, we ship worldwide FREE of charge!

No. LEIBISH. is responsible for your purchase until you sign for the package at the delivery point.

We ship via FedEx or MalcaAmit – a diamond and jewelry courier.

Shipment lengths depend on its destination (shipping times are approximate).
* to Europe 1-2 business days
* to the USA/Canada 2-3 business days
* to Australia 4-5 business days

We are happy to ship to any address you choose so long as there is someone there to sign for and accept the package.

Yes, Tax and/or VAT may apply to your order. LEIBISH will not be responsible for any duties, VAT, taxes or surcharges levied by the customers country.

We recommend that you consult with your local tax official to see what import duties and/or VAT you are required to pay in your place of residence. 

Leibish & Co. offers complimentary, fully insured, shipping world-wide. Please note that local customs/taxes/fees may apply when shipping outside the United States. 



In addition to external financing plans (PayPal Credit and SplitIt), we also offer layaway plans only on specific products according to the price of the purchase.

Please contact our customer service department for more information.



Unfortunately, Leibish & Co. has no say or control over any countries' import duties, taxes, VAT, or surcharge fees. Depending on where the goods are purchased or picked up, the company may be required to collect the additional charges.

Please see the Taxes and VAT for more information.


All prices listed on the website are USD.

Our excellent quality guarantee assures that all our diamonds are natural diamonds and have not been treated, heated or radiated in any way. Most of our diamonds come with GIA or IGI certificates, confirming their authenticity.

LEIBISH.does not charge sales tax, but there may be tax charges added within your own country. It is recommended that you check with your local tax authority prior to ordering.

The VIP club is an opportunity for you to receive a 1.5% discount on all fancy color diamonds when paying via bank wire transfer. It also lets you be the first to know about our special diamond discounts and offers and about our stock of unique fancy diamonds. Lastly, it allows you to create your own personalized wish list so you can easily keep track of your favorites!

It generally takes between 2-3 business days.

Simply provide the wiring instruction for either loose diamonds or diamond jewelry, to your banker, advise the amount and SKU number of the item for reference and that's it, the clerk will do the rest.

Wire transfer is wiring money from your bank account to LEIBISH. bank account,  sometimes referred to as a "bank transfer".

Yes, you save 1.5% if you pay by bank wire transfer. Please note that the wire transfer discount is only applicable when paying for full price items and not to be combined with other specials or promotions. 

You may pay by credit card, which uses PayPal as a clearing company. (Paying through bank wire transfer saves you 1.5%).

Payments may be made through bank wire transfer, PayPal, or any of the major credit cards PayPal accepts. 

About Us

LEIBISH. is an online virtual brand and does not have a physical retail store.

The beauty of LEIBISH. is the ability to view our stones anywhere, anytime, in the comfort of your home or office! However, if you would like to view a stone in person, we are happy to arrange viewing of stones in various locations around the world as well as at our headquarters in Israel.  There is a cost of 10% of the price of the stone to ship it for viewing. However, if purchased, the 10% will be deducted from the cost of the stone.

LEIBISH's main office is located at 580 Fifth Ave. (Suite 218) New York, USA. In addition, the company has offices in Israel, Hong Kong, Belgium, and Mumbai.

We always tell our customers, look us up online, "Google" us, the search engines are a completely non biased opinion. If the reviews of our prior customer are of happy customer it will show, if not, it will show even faster, we can't fake those results…..

*Visit our "Leibish In The News" page to view some of the articles published on LEIBISH. around the world.

Yes, we have a GIA graduate gemologist on staff at LEIBISH.

As a member of the diamond exchange for over 30 years and as pioneers in the online e-commerce field, our website has been  selling fancy colored diamonds online since 1997. LEIBISH  is a member of the NCDIA (Natural Color Diamond Association) and WFDB (World Federation of Diamond Bourses).

At LEIBISH., highest quality workmanship is our calling card.  We design, manufacture and market jewelry made from diamonds that are precisely calibrated for size, and graded for color and guarantee the authenticity of the natural color of every stone. Achieving customer satisfaction is our primary focus. We listen to our customers and match our diamonds to fit their individual needs. We also offer customers a service policy to ensure complete satisfaction, regardless of the size of the order.

Return Policy

In the event that you decide to cancel your reservation, all online deposits are fully refundable. Refunds will be completed via PayPal within 2 business days of cancelation.

We are happy to resize the ring for you FREE within 60 days. Simply call or e-mail us to arrange the resizing.

We offer a a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. A refund will be given in the same method by which it was received, meaning towards the same account or credit card. Click here to learn more about our return policy.

Affiliate Marketing Program

Yes! The company released the affiliate marketing program to the public in March 2015.

You need to have either a website or a blog, where you can market the products. In order to register, send us an email to affiliates@leibish.com.

Sure, the more the better. We can track all your leads from all your different website in our system. We actually encourage each affiliate to have several websites and blogs. It will help them spread the word faster.

Once registration is approved, LEIBISH. will provide you with an exclusive link that will allow us to recognize each lead sent to our website, and will enable you to track your leads.

Once signed up and approved, we will provide you with access to your own control panel where you can track all incoming leads. The system gives a detailed statistical analysis on both leads and sales. In addition, you will have access to many of our pre-designed banners that can be used. Some affiliates prefer not to use banners, but we have it all available at the touch of a button!

Our system is attached to the post affiliate pro tracking system. Once a sale is made, it is then automatically passed into PAP. The PAP software is among the best affiliate lead tracking systems avaialble. It is well known, and used by many brand name merchants and affiliate networks.

Once a sale is closed, it automatically gets updated in PAP. Payments are made to you 45 days after the end of the month in which the product has been paid for.

LEIBISH. offers a full money back guarantee on their products. As a result, the company needs to wait for that time period to complete before issuing a payment through to the affilaite marketer.

All payments are made via paypal 45 days after the end of the month in which the product has been paid for.