Kelly Clarkson's Missing $150,000 Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

It is doubtful that Kelly Clarkson was singing when she discovered that her Johnathon Arndt custom-designed canary yellow diamond engagement ring, valued at USD150,000 went missing at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville.

Undoubtedly the money will have been of secondary consideration next to sentimental attachment to the ring for the inaugural "American Idol" winner.

Thankfully her cries of anguish were soon replaced with shouts of joy when she tweeted this out!


For those not in the loop, Brandon is Brandon Blackstock, Clarkson’s fiancé.

Thankfully Clarkson’s vocals are better than her habits as there is really never any need to take off your diamond engagement ring other than for an occasional cleaning. And if you do take it off, have a designated place that you always place it for safe keeping.

No doubt the ring was insured but who would need the hassle of replacing it? And as every fancy color diamond is a unique treasure from Mother Nature, any replacement would not have been exactly like the first.

Clarkson discovered the ring was missing during a performance of her hit, “Stronger.” It must have required all her strength to maintain her composure during the performance upon this realization. Let’s hope Kelly has learnt her lesson.

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