Leibish & Co. Finds Diamonds on Mars

Diamonds in the sky turns out to be more than just a Rihanna song. Back in 2006, LEIBISH funded a team of scientists that suggested diamonds may be found on Mars. Diamonds are a form of rock, and Mars consists of rich minerals which contain metals, oxygen and other elements that form rocks.


It wasn't until last night at 04:26 am when Leibish himself got a phone call waking him up from his deep sleep - dreaming of this moment. From the other side of the phone, all he heard were the words "We found them" Leibish immediately knew that his precious mars-rocks had finally been discovered! 


LEIBISH will have exclusive rights to these intergalactic rocks until 2020, and its team of space-engineers will begin the excavation process sometime in the next month. They hope to start production at the beginning of next year and are anticipating their Mars Diamonds to be available for retail purchase by late 2015.

A sample from the LEIBISH Fancy Red 'Mars Diamonds'

A sample from the Leibish & Co. Fancy Red 'Mars Diamonds'


When we asked Leibish, the CEO and Founder of LEIBISH to comment about this earth-shattering discovery, all he had to say was "April Fools!".