The Star of South Africa Diamond

The Star of South Africa, a 47.69-carat flawless pear-shaped diamond, is considered a symbol of South Africa's great diamond prosperity. Before its discovery in 1869, only the countries of India and Brazil were considered to be serious sources of diamonds and mineral wealth. Legend has it that the Star of South Africa was exhibited at a session in Parliament shortly after its discovery, causing the Colonial Secretary to declare "This diamond, gentlemen, is the rock upon which the future prosperity of South Africa will be built."

In 2005, it was exhibited as part of a display showing eight of the most incredible diamonds in the world - the crème de la crème of the diamond world.  The other diamonds  included the Moussaieff Red, the Allnatt, Heart of Eternity, Incomparable, Ocean Dream, Steinmetz Pink, and the 616 (an uncut, unnamed diamond).

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