The Shepard Diamond

The cushion-cut, 18.30 carat, Fancy Intense Yellow Shepard diamond emanates from South Africa. It was bartered by the Smithsonian Museum in exchange for a collection of small diamonds that had been seized as smuggled goods by the United States Customs Service and donated to the Smithsonian. It is named for Glen P. Shepard, the Smithsonian employee who helped facilitate the transaction.

Nothing is known about the early history of the diamond; however it is believed to have emanated from South Africa. Details of the mine, date of discovery, original owner, weight of the rough stone, and identity of the diamond's cutters are unknown.

The shepard blue heart-shaped stone is on display at the Smithsonian together with  the 30.82 carats  Blue Heart Diamond, The 16.72 carats  round brilliant white "Pearson" Diamond. The 2.86 carats "De Young Pink" pink pear shape, and the two uncut green diamonds weigh 2.05 and 0.97 carats.


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