Male Studs

Bruce Jenner, Will Smith, David Beckham, Justin Bieber to name a few, have more in common than their celebrity statuses. They have all become poster boys for one of the latest trends in the jewelry and fashion industries: male diamond studs. Yes, earrings have been around for ages, and have been worn by both genders for decades now. Also, men showing off their glare while sporting fine jewelry is nothing new . However, wearing a pair of flashy studs, such as glimmering diamond earrings, is a fairly new phenomenon and is becoming more and more widespread.

Female celebrities are constantly photographed wearing luxurious jewels, including diamond studs, and their male counterparts are catching up, wanting in on the precious-gem-wearing fad. Here is a look at these stylish gentleman and the statements their sparkly accessories are making.

Bruce Jenner

The former Olympian is making headlines on his own, without any connection to his very famous reality TV family. Keeping Up With the Kardashians, starring Jenner’s wife, four children, and their two joint daughters, has become somewhat of a sub-culture over the past decade. The show has provided Jenner with a celebrity status once again, allowing youngster of later generations to become familiar with the former athlete and his accomplishments. With his divorce in the news, Jenner is not only moving on to find new love, but also, a new fashion identity. Bruce has grown out his thick hair, which is now long enough to make a substantial ponytail, is displaying beautifully manicured nails, and best of all, showcasing brilliant diamond studs. His new look, particularly his jewelry choices, has made Bruce the talk of the town.

Will Smith

The highly successful and talented actor/rapper, Will Smith, is known for his funny and quirky personality, impressive acting skills, and intriguing fashion sense. The latter trait includes glimmering jewels such as the diamond stud earrings he has been seen wearing on a number of occasions. From formal appearances to supermarket outings in jogging pants, Will’s studs are eye-catching and instant fashion statements.

David Beckham

The British soccer star is not just known for his impressive moves on the field, but for his lavish fashion style. Though some may find his diamond studs to be excessive, they more than fit in with his lifestyle. Between David’s success and his rugged good looks, there’s not much the guy can do wrong when it comes to his appearance.


Diamond stud earrings and Usher go hand in hand. He is one of a few celebrities that are known for their studs so much so that they have become part of their image. Usher’s studs tend to be on the large and flashy side, but he more than gets away with it.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber may be a talented singer; so talented in fact that he was recently named by Forbes as the richest celebrity under 30. However, the worldwide star gets a lot of flak for many choices that he makes, including style choices. Whether Justin’s unique fashion picks are due to his young age, his desire to experiment, or the fact that he has too much money on his hands, one thing is for sure: the boy has got expensive taste. The very young Canadian makes it a habit of donning diamond studs, which some see as being too feminine for him. He switches it up between colorless studs and black diamond earrings.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown may be a controversial figure in the pop world but there is not much controversial about the way he wears his diamond studs! Brown can be spotted sporting sparkling studs, whether it is on the red carpet, at a game, or when out and about.

Pharrell Williams

Known as the “Happy” singer, Pharrell Willians has a lot to be happy about. Not only has his career taken off like a rocket but he has joined the fine world of diamond stud wearing. His choice? A pair of Lorraine Schwartz yellow diamond and gold studs, which he wore to the 86th Academy Awards.

Jamie Foxx

Funny man Jamie Foxx has proven over the past few years that he is much more than just a comedian: the man can most definitely act. If that doesn’t give Mr. Foxx the license to wear whatever he pleases, it is unclear what does. Jamie wears his diamond studs with pride and they fit him like a glove.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they can be man’s friends too. These high-profile men are just some great examples of how this male diamond stud fad is spreading like fire. So if you’re in the market for a gift perfect for him, maybe you should be looking at something other than gizmos and gadgets.

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