Blue Jay?

Speculation is rife that renowned rapper, entrepreneur and Mr. Beyoncé - Shawn Carter aka Jay Z, has been doing his homework in anticipation of his fourth wedding anniversary present.

And what better way to continue the “blue” theme in their life than a blue diamond ring?

Why the “blue” theme? Three months ago, the power couple had their first child, daughter Blue Ivy. So, if all good things come in blue, why not continue the trend?

Jay Z was seen leaving Jacob & Co. jewelry store on the Upper East Side after having viewed the “Lumina” collection which features blue diamonds, including a 12.38 carat blue diamond engagement ring surrounded by smaller pink pave diamonds.

After all, a blue diamond would be consistent with the $600,000 solid gold, handmade rocking horse from Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka and the 15,000 Swarovski crystal-studded highchair designed by Carla Monchen.

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