The Blue Lili Diamond

The tapered cushion-shaped, 30.06 carat Blue Lili diamond was cut by the William Goldberg Corporation and was named after Goldberg’s wife, Lili. The color and clarity of the diamond are not known. Similarly, there is nothing known about the history of the diamond, such as date of discovery, weight of the rough stone, and country and mine of origin. However, it would seem highly likely, given the color and size of the finished stone that it originated in the De Beers Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa.

William Goldberg started life in the diamond industry as a cutter for Harry Winston Inc. New York. It was there that he mastered his trade of cutting and polishing. In 1952, he partnered with Irving Weiss in establishing a merchandizing company called Goldberg & Weiss which flourished. However, in 1973 opened his own business, the William Goldberg Diamond Corporation, which became a De Beers sight holder.

The company was tremendously successful and became a respected and prestigious name in the highly competitive diamond trade. The company specialized in the processing and selling of high-end large diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, and diamond jewelry.

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