The Ocean Dream Diamond

The Ocean Dream Diamond is a 5.51-carat, Fancy Deep Blue-Green, Shield-shaped diamond. Although the Ocean Dream is not very large, as the only natural diamond known to the GIA to possess a blue-green hue, it is among the rarest stones on earth.

As such a unique color, testing was conducted on the diamond to ensure the color was indeed a natural beauty and not artificially enhanced. The testing initiated by the Gemological Institute of America proved that the exceptional hue is a result of millions of years of exposure to natural radiation.

Unfortunately, there is not too much information about the history of the Ocean Dream diamond available. It is known that it was found in Central Africa, but no information as to which mine or what year it was found exists. Also, the diamond's current owner, the New York-based Cora Diamond Corporation, came to acquire the Ocean Dream, but when and how it was purchased was never publicized.

The Ocean Dream diamond was on display in 2003 as part of the Smithsonian's "Splendor of Diamonds" Exhibition. The exhibition also featured other famous diamonds, including the De Beers Millennium Star, the Allnatt, the Heart of Eternity, the Pumpkin Orange, and the Steinmetz Pink.

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