Pear Shape

The Pear shaped diamond. Also called teardrop or pendeloque, this shape combines the best of the oval and the marquise. It is particularly beautiful for pendants or earrings, while as a ring, it nicely complements a hand with small fingers.


Pear shape


The Pear belongs to the Round-Edge Fancies cut type. Another well known name for this stone is the ‘tear drop’ diamond. The pear is one of the many variations of a round brilliant. This elegant design is one of the more popular choices for Fancy Colored Diamonds. The pear shape cut contains 58 facets.


Common variations of this shape are the Pear Brilliant, Pear Modified Brilliant, Pear Mixed Cut, and Pear Step Cut.



Below you can view a gallery of Pear Shape diamonds in the many styles they appear:


Among the world's most famous diamonds you can find the following Pear shaped stones:

The Graff Pink Supreme, a 10.83 carat, Internally Flawless Pink, The Rob Red, a 0.59ct Fancy Intense Red, The 14ct Blue Empress and The Dresden Green, a 40.70ct Green pear shape which is the largest and finest natural green diamond ever discovered.

During the years, different Pear shaped diamonds were sold for record prices at auctions:


• On May 2008, a 3.73ct Fancy Vivid Blue Pear shape was sold for $4.961,000 Total,  $1,330,027 / Per carat, and became the

"Highest price per carat ever paid at auction."

• On December 2010 a 10.91 carats pear-shaped Fancy Intense Pinkish-Orange Diamond ring  which sold for USD2,378,500 or USD218,000 per carat.

• On November 2011,  The "Sun Drop," a 110.30ct Fancy Vivid Yellow Pear shape was sold for $12,360,000 total and became the " Most expensive yellow ever sold at auction."



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