Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is one of the longest lasting customary ways of proving your love to those that mean most. Only, what is it that is so incredibly fascinating about these vivacious yellow diamond engagement rings?

What makes these pieces stand so far above the traditional colorless stones and why have they grown so rapidly in popularity?

 Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Three different styles of Yellow Diamond Pave Set Engagement Rings

The Popularity of a Yellow Diamond

Colored diamonds have been popular among few for decades. In fact, many of the most famous diamonds around are known not only for their beauty, but for their heritage as well. Members of Royalty such as King Louis XIV, King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, Duke John of Burgundy, King Edward VII, Louis XIII, the Sultan of Brunei, Queen Elizabeth I, and Queen Elizabeth II are all known for their vast fancy color diamond collections.

Within the last 10 years, since color stones have become more available, they have quickly attracted the attention of the most rich and famous; making their appearances on the Red Carpet on the bodies of some of the best well known Hollywood stars, such as Freida Pinto, Natalie Portman, Victoria Beckham, and more!

The Magnificence of Color

As such a rare item, prices for natural color diamonds are generally slightly higher than colorless stones. However, since there are so many different colors, different color intensities, and color combinations available, the price scope is quite broad.

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Compared to a quality white stone (G color and above, with a high clarity level, and good cut), many shades of yellow diamonds are actually more affordable then colorless stones, meaning you can get more diamond for your money!

Not many people know, but yellow diamonds actually continue directly from the ‘white color scale’ of colorless diamonds. The colorless diamond scale grades the color of a stone from D-Z. However, K-L-M grades of that scale actually have a tint of yellow coloring.  X-Y-Z color grades, otherwise known as ‘Cape Diamonds,’ are the beginning of the yellow color scale.

 Yellow diamonds color scale

These stones with color grading X-Y-Z will be mentioned in the GIA certificate as "X-Y-Z, Light Yellow." Above this grade, starts the regular and full Fancy color scale;

  • Fancy Light Yellow
  • Fancy Yellow
  • Fancy Intense Yellow
  • Fancy Vivid and Fancy Deep Yellow

Yellow diamond color shades within the white color scale known as ‘Cape Diamonds’ are less expensive per-carat than a good quality white diamond.  In fact, even different intensity levels, such as;

  • Fancy Light Yellow Diamond
  • Fancy Yellow Diamond

Comparatively speaking, are still less per-carat than a high quality white stone.

The Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring and its Setting

There is a great difference between mounting a white stone and a color diamond. Since white diamonds are generally cut the same way, the settings can be mass prepared in advance. Colored diamonds, on the other hand, work quite differently.

To start, they are almost always cut with a ‘modified cut.’ The reason for cutting the stones differently than a white diamond is because the diamond polisher focuses on enabling the true color of the stone to show. Hence, color diamonds often contain asymmetric, elongated faceted arrangements.

Next, since the most important attribute of color diamonds is to show the color, as opposed to colorless stones where the focus is to show as much brilliance as possible, the piece of jewelry needs to be built according to the single diamond or multiple diamonds used.

 State of the Art Rhino Jewelry Design - Before and After

Each diamond is first scanned in order to create a 3D virtual model with which the jeweler can actualy produce the cup and jewelry measurements accordingly

Regardless of how modified the cut is, the settings have to perfectly fit the diamonds in order to maximize the color shown through the face up of the stone. Each stone, regardless of whether there is one or many, is placed within a special cup that in essence augments its color. For example, if it is a yellow diamond, the cup will be made of yellow gold. If it is a pink diamond, the cup will be made of rose gold.

The Cup of a Diamond Ring

Under each Fancy Color Diamond is a Cup that is constructed specifically according to the measurement of the stone

The color shown through a custom made piece of jewelry that is designed according to the exact measurements and color of a specific diamond will appear completely different then when set in a mass produced piece of jewelry.

There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into designing, even the simplest color diamond ring. You must must must ensure that the jeweler used knows color diamonds and has experience setting these stones. They need to understand how to truly maximize the color of the stone.

There are many styles available, and even still, some prefer to mix and match.

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The Value of the Ring and Potential Return on Investment

Another fantastic benefit of color diamond jewelry is its value! (Here’s one for the groom!) Color diamonds as a whole have increased in their price performance in the financial market above all other stocks, bonds, commodities, and assets. In fact, a Fancy Intense Argyle Diamond, for example, has even proved stronger in 2012 than Gold.

Financial planners and alternative investment advisors have been buying up colored diamonds almost as quickly as men and women looking for luxurious jewelry pieces. Through assessing the market performance over the past 30 years, you can clearly see the trends and promising returns with a long-term investment.

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The Uniqueness and Rarity of the Stone

Marriage is the most meaningful agreement between a man and woman. And what better way to show how unique your love is than by presenting your fiancé with one of the rarest and most beautiful diamonds on earth! For every 10,000 carats of colorless diamond mined only 1.00 carat of a color diamond will be found. Meaning, only 0.01% of all diamond carats unearthed are colored diamonds!

We all enjoy being different and in some ways standing above the crowd. To adorn one of the rarest and most fabulous natural creations of the world on your finger is simply perfection!

Contributor: Benji Margolese

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