Creating the Virtual Model



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Creating the Virtual Model

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The LEIBISH design team uses the most up-to-date, Rhino technology to create a usable virtual model of the jewelry. Through the model, the team can accurately design each section of the jewelry so that each piece is proportionate. Thereby assuring that the final outcome is as alluring and beautiful as possible.

Leibish's design team can also determine precise information about the jewelry so that it is not only beautiful, but comfortable for the customer as well. With knowledge gained through experience, the design team will be able to determine if a ring, for example, will comfortably fit between the customers fingers. In certain cases, the team may even recommend modifying the design to ensure that it does.

 Richard and Chavi Working with Rhino Imagery

Working with the Virtual Model

 Rhino Imagery

Screenshot of a 3D Virtual Model

 Richard Working on a Ring

Richard Lewis, Jewelry Production Manager, Assessing a Virtual Jewelry Model

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Step 3: Creating the Virtual Model

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