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Designing the Jewelry

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LEIBISH offers two types of jewelry. Either pieces designed by our in-house designer, Chavi Itzhakiv, or custom designed jewelry according to the requests of the customer.


Everything including the metal type and its color needs to be carefully considered in order to complement the true color of the diamond. Therefore, even with custom designs supplied by the customer, the design team will always suggest any modifications needed to enhance the outcome and final appearance.


A lot of effort and heart is invested in the design. The jewelry is first created through a sketching. The team then looks at the piece and makes any further adjustments required.


 0.59 Carat, Fancy Vivid Yellow, Round

Sketching out the Design of the Jewelry 

 Richard Lewis - Jewelry Production

Richard Lewis - Jewelry Production

 Richard and Chavi - The Design Team

Richard Lewis and Chavi Itzhakov - The Design Team at Work



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Step 1: Designing the Jewelry

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