When To Take Off Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Why would we ever suggest to take your engagement ring off of your finger? Well, there are several reasons. Removing your diamond ring during certain activities can not only keep the ring looking great and shiny for as long as possible, but it can also help prevent serious possible damage. Harsh chemicals and rough conditions can cause irreversible damage to your diamond and its setting. Here is a quick guide regarding when it is better to take your ring off.

1. When Applying Lotions, Perfumes, and Sprays

Even those who are careful to remove their rings during aggressive activities don’t usually think twice about taking off their diamond jewelry when they are getting ready to go out on the town. After all, what harm could a little body lotion, perfume, or hair spray do?

Well, the answer is a lot! Lotion is especially harmful to jewelry as it can take away from the brilliance and luster of your stone. You might not notice it at first, but over time, a cloudy layer of film will build up on your stone and your gold. Also, although perfume is not applied directly on one’s ring, it is still a chemical that can eventually build up, especially if you are also applying other things with your ring on. The same goes for hairspray, which can also leave residue on your ring.

2. Cleaning Dishes, Your Home, Your Car, etc

You certainly don’t wear your best clothing in your closet when you are doing your house or car cleaning! The same logic applies to not wearing your diamonds when you are doing these either. Not only can your diamond ring suffer greatly from being knocked hard against a counter, corner of a table, or other firm surface, but it can also get damaged from the various cleaning solutions and tools that you use. We’re not just talking dents and scratches but permanent damage to the diamond, its setting, and even the color of the metal. Cleaning solutions take off the rhodium coating of your white gold, so you may find your gold turning a shade of yellow as the rhodium coating gets rubbed off. Bleach and cleaning fluids = bad.

3. Exercising and Swimming

Exercising and swimming are both fantastic, beneficial activities. However, your diamond will not just get knocked around as you run, cycle, or do yoga, but it will also be affected by your work out swaet. Platinum and gold are soft metals to some extent and can bend upon impact. If your ring is banged enough times your diamonds might even fall out. Therefore the next time you head out to the gym or the basketball court, make sure you leave your ring at home.

Swimming is also a big no-no in terms of ring-wearing, and not for the same reasons. Many think wearing rings while swimming is safe as long as the ring is not loose. This could not be further from the truth as not only does cold water shrink one’s fingers, causing the ring to fit looser and slip off, but most water, including chlorinated and salt water, can alter the color and texture of the metal. Your ring, and all jewelry for that matter, should be kept as far away from any pool, ocean, or sea as possible. At best, your ring could just change the way it looks from the chlorine and salt exposure – at worst, it can fall off your finger completely and be lost forever.

Diamond rings are intended for you to wear and show off because they are so very beautiful. However, in order to keep them looking this way you must care for them properly. This doesn’t just mean bringing your ring to be cleaned and polished every so often but also avoiding having it exposed to certain materials and conditions. Rings don’t get cleaned with cleaning solutions as those are too abrasive, as we discussed above, so you are not doing your ring a favor if cleaning solution ends up on it. Rings should be cleaned (at home) with dish soap and water, a much gentler solution.

When in doubt, leave your ring behind in a safe location. After all, you are much better off safe than sorry! Got a story about your ring or someone's that you know that got messed up when cleaning or lost? Share in the comments!

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