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Diamond Caricature
Do More Facets Equal More Sparkle?
How to Assess a Diamond | Leibish
How to Assess a Diamond
How to Find a Jeweler you can Trust | Leibish
Finding a Jeweler You Can Trust
Extraordinary Round Diamond Necklace & Detach
How to Avoid Black Market Diamonds

What's Hot: Diamond Blog

Leibish & Co. fine emerald jewelry
Would you Consider Piercing your Finger as Opposed to Wearing a Diamond Ring?
A Fancy Color Collage Designer Diamond Ring w
What Does the Total Weight (TW) of a Diamond Mean?
Fancy Brown Round Diamond Halo Earrings (1.48
Rose Gold Jewelry Trend
10 Inspiring Jewelry Bloggers to Follow on Instagram
10 Inspiring Jewelry Bloggers to Follow on Instagram
8.88 carat, Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond, Cus
What Diamonds Symbolize
Leibish partners with Sightsavers
Leibish & Co. Selects Sightsavers as Its Charitable Cause for 2018

Fashion & Celebrity

Yellow diamond kite shaped halo ring
8 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings
Yellow Diamonds Make a Statement of Beauty
Gold Medalist Meryl Davis Engaged
A remarkable emerald and yellow diamond ring
Here's Why Royals Love Gemstones So Much
Extraordinary Emerald & Yellow Diamond Neckla
Where Do Celebrities Get their Red Carpet Jewelry?
Extraordinary Emerald Cushion Ring with Vivid
Louise Roe is Stunning in Leibish & Co. Emeralds Jewelry
Best Jewelry of the Oscars | Leibish
Big and Bold Jewelry at the 2017 Oscars

Diamond News

These Canaries Sing! | Leibish
These Canaries Sing!
Welcome to The Vault | Leibish
Welcome to The Vault
Lightbox Brings Darkness to the Diamond Industry | Leibish
Lightbox Brings Darkness to the Diamond Industry
Fancy Deep Yellow Asscher Cut Diamond Ring,
Diamond Ring Trends Through History
Leibish colorless diamond wedding bands
Diamond Shopping 101 for Beginners
Yellow diamonds
Diamond Glossary

Argyle Diamonds

Argyle Diamond Tender
Argyle's 35th Diamond Tender: Will It Be The Last?
Argyle Diamonds
All Good Things Come to An End? The Biggest Diamond Mine is Closing
Argyle Diamond Mine Tour | Leibish
The Argyle Diamond Mine
Argyle Pink Diamonds
Everything You Wanted to Know About Argyle Diamonds, but Were Too Afraid to Ask…
The Argyle Pink Diamond Mine
Alles über die Argyle-Diamantenmine
The Leibish "Kimberly-Rose" Diamond | Leibish
The Leibish "Kimberly-Rose" Diamond

Famous Diamonds

The Pink Dream | Leibish
The Pink Dream Diamond
The Florentine Diamond | Leibish
The Florentine Diamond
Kahn Canary diamond | Leibish
The Kahn Canary Diamond
The Agra Diamond
Diamant De Beers Millennium Star | Leibish
Der Diamant De Beers Millennium Star
The Centenary Diamond  | Leibish
The Centenary Diamond

Presidents Corner

Breakfast at Tiffany's | Leibish
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Prenuptial Agreement: Chinese Style | Leibish
Prenuptial Agreement: Chinese Style
The Desire to Return Home to Australia
The Desire to Return Home to Australia
Dinnertime in America
Dinnertime in America
Argyle Kimberly Rose
Argyle Princess
Natural Fancy Pink Diamonds: Harvesting Diamonds or Strawberries?  | Leibish
Natural Fancy Pink Diamonds: Harvesting Diamonds or Strawberries?

Famous Yellow Diamonds

Incomparable Diamond | Leibish
The Incomparable
Cora Sun Drop Diamond | Leibish
The Cora Sun Drop Diamond
De-Beers Yellow Diamond | Leibish
The De-Beers Yellow Diamond
Mouna Diamond | Leibish
The Mouna Diamond
The Porges - Famous Yellow Diamonds | Leibish
The Porges
Peacock Diamond | Leibish
The Peacock Diamond

Famous Pink Diamonds

The Graff Pink Orchid  | Leibish
The Graff Pink Orchid
Steinmetz Pink diamond | Leibish
The Steinmetz Pink Diamond
The Graff Pink Supreme  | Leibish
The Graff Pink Supreme
Pink Sunrise Diamond | Leibish
The Pink Sunrise Diamond
Graff Pink Diamond | Leibish
The Graff Pink Diamond
The Condé | Leibish
The Condé

Famous Red Diamonds

The Rob Red | Leibish
The Rob Red Diamond
Moussaieff Red Diamond | Leibish
The Moussaieff Red Diamond
Hancock Red Diamond | Leibish
The Hancock Red Diamond
De Young Red Diamond | Leibish
The De Young Red Diamond

Famous Black Diamonds

Black Orlov Diamond | Leibish
The Black Orlov Diamond
Gruosi Diamond | Leibish
The Gruosi Diamond: Queen of Black Diamonds
Spirit of de Grisogono diamond | Leibish
The Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond

Famous Blue Diamonds

Transvaal Blue Diamond | Leibish
The Transvaal Blue Diamond
Blue Lili Diamond | Leibish
The Blue Lili Diamond
Sultan of Morocco Diamond | Leibish
Getting to Know the Sultan of Morocco Diamond
Tereschenko Diamond | Leibish
The Tereschenko Diamond
Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond | Leibish
The Blue Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond
The Blue Hope Diamond | Leibish
The Blue Hope Diamond

Famous Orange Diamonds

Pumpkin Diamond | Leibish
The Pumpkin Diamond

Famous Green Diamonds

Ocean Dream Diamond | Leibish
The Ocean Dream Diamond
Dresden Green Diamond | Leibish
The Dresden Green Diamond

Famous Brown Diamonds

The Golden Jubilee Diamond | Leibish
The Golden Jubilee Diamond
Golden Maharaja Diamond | Leibish
The Golden Maharaja Diamond
Great Chrysanthemum Diamond | Leibish
The Great Chrysanthemum Diamond
Kimberley Diamond | Leibish
The Kimberley Diamond

Famous Purple Diamonds

Royal Purple Heart Diamond | Leibish
The Royal Purple Heart Diamond
The Supreme Purple Star - Famous Red Diamonds | Leibish
The Supreme Purple Star: The King of All Purple Diamonds

Famous Chameleon Diamonds

Chopard Chameleon Diamond | Leibish
The Chopard Chameleon Diamond

Famous Colorless Diamonds

Star of South Africa Diamond | Leibish
The Star of South Africa Diamond

Guest Blogs

Design Your Own Jewelry with Leibish | Leibish
Design Your Own Jewelry with Leibish
Online shopping as a way of life and its special occasions - Cyber Monday, Black Friday and more! | Leibish
Online shopping as a way of life and its special occasions - Cyber Monday, Black Friday and more!
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