All Types of Green Diamonds – Shapes & Shades

Most people don’t know that diamonds can be green too. It seems like the green color should be solely reserved for emeralds. However, green diamonds and green emeralds, as well as other green gemstones differ from each other in many ways. Though green diamonds consist of elements that result in a green hue, the chemical structure is more or less the same as colorless diamonds. Both rank 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness whereas emeralds rank 7 and some other gemstones even lower. This means that green diamonds are far more durable than emeralds. Additionally, there are various color intensity levels and color combinations for green diamonds, resulting in many different beautiful shades. A green diamond can also give off a whole different look depending on its shape.

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The World of Green Diamonds - Shades

The green color in diamonds is created thanks to atomic radiation or radioactivity that was present during the formation of the stone. This process is extremely unusual, which is why green diamonds are rather rare. Like with other rare diamond colors, it is important to verify the authenticity of a green diamond as many have received color treatments. A green diamond can be pure green, or can have secondary colors. Some diamonds classified as green diamonds may be combined with gray, grayish, blue, bluish, yellow, yellowish, yellowish greenish, brown, brownish, gray yellowish, or grayish yellowish colors. A diamond can also appear very green or only slightly green depending on the color intensity level. For green diamonds, these are: Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, and Fancy Deep/Fancy dark. A pure green diamond can be a very pale green if it is a Faint green diamond and another can display a rich green color if it is a Fancy Intense, Vivid, or Deep/Dark green diamond.


Popular Shapes for Green Diamonds


Green diamonds can be cut into a wide range of fancy shapes including princess, emerald, asscher, pear, radiant, round, oval, marquise, heart, and cushion. The most recommended shapes for green diamonds are radiant and cushion, as they are cut in a way that best complements the stone’s color. However, pear, oval, and round green diamonds are very popular as well.


Examples of Green Diamonds


Now that we have explained a bit about green diamonds, their colors, and their shapes, we can give some example of stones, complete with their color intensity level, color combination, and shape. On the lighter end, you can find a light yellow green cushion diamond, and at the darker end there can be a Fancy dark gray yellowish green pear. If you are going for a pure hue, you can choose from a Fancy green radiant, a Fancy green cushion, a Fancy Deep green cushion, and a Fancy Deep green oval. If you are after a diamond with a bit of blue in it you might come across a Fancy Intense bluish green round, a Fancy Vivid Bluish green pear, or a Fancy Intense blue green radiant green diamond.


Fancy Light Yellow Green

Fancy Green

Fancy Intense Green


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