George Clooney’s Choice of Engagement Rings

Since his debut back in the day on ER as the dashing young doctor, George Clooney has been stealing hearts of women, young and old, around the world. There is something irresistible about the handsome actor, now sporting a sophisticated “salt and pepper” look. Unfortunately for all the ladies out there, George’s single days have finally come to an end, as he has popped the question to British lawyer Amal Alamuddin. Only, the fact that he is off the market isn’t what is on our minds. We want to know more about the diamond engagement ring he used to propose to Amal!


The Ring

Needless to say, especially from such a gentleman, he didn’t just choose any ring. He made it clear that it was very important to him that the diamond he selected was conflict free. The stone was far from an average diamond; at seven carats, the rock can be seen from miles. Set in platinum, the emerald-cut diamond with two tapered baguettes is every woman’s dream; especially because it was partially designed by Clooney himself! And what was the cost? Well we don’t know for certain, but sources say it was somewhere around $750,000! Then again, no one was expecting Mr. Clooney to offer something inexpensive. Anything less, especially to such an intelligent woman, would have been a crime!


Meant to Be

It’s one thing to be in love and to know that the person you are proposing to is “the one,” and it’s another thing to have the support of your family and friends as well. Extended family can be quite tough when it comes to these matters, especially when the man involved is the one and only George Clooney. However, George’s friends truly believe that Amal is right for him in many, many ways. They feel strongly that the fact that she is not an actress is a key ingredient to their successful relationship and see them being together forever.

In Hollywood, it can be difficult to decide whether or not something is meant to be and if it will last. This relationship, as well as the ring, exudes everything that is right in a healthy partnership, so here is hoping for the best. As much as we love George, we don’t want to see him on the market again!

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