Jennifer Lopez Stuns in Yellow Diamonds at the 2016 Golden Globes

A yellow cape gown is not the only yellow thing that Jennifer Lopez flaunted at this year's Golden Globes. The pop singer proudly posed in her unique, bright getup, while holding a metallic clutch in her hand and revealing her toned legs and matching silver pumps from her thigh-high slit. But that's not all. The Latina wore not one, but two diamond necklaces, a diamond bracelet, yellow diamond rings, and a pair of drop yellow diamond earrings. In fact, all together, Lopez wore 200 carats worth of diamonds!


The Earrings

If JLo's bright-colored dress wasn't enough, her choice of diamond earrings definitely were. The yellow diamond drop earrings that totaled 16.46 carats complemented her ensemble and skin tone perfectly. More and more celebs are exploring the wide variety of colored diamonds. This wasn't the first time for JLo and it definitely won't be the last.


The Necklaces

From a 46.95-carat diamond wreath necklace to a 68.40-carat diamond cascading caftan necklace, Jennifer was not lacking in the bling department. Both neckpieces are from the Harry Winston collection and were worn well by the veteran singer/actress.


The Bracelet

The number 59.27 might sound a bit large for the diamond carat weight of a bracelet, but you have read that correctly. Lopez displayed a diamond bracelet consisting of marquise and round brilliant diamonds that totaled nearly 60 carats.


The Rings

The glittering yellow diamond earpieces weren't the only color diamond jewelry worn by Jennifer. A radiant-cut yellow diamond ring adorned her hand, as well as a diamond band consisting of 5.21 carats.

One would thing that Lopez's many bold fashion choices at the 2016 Golden Globes were a bit much, but the proud mother of twins actually pulled it off extraordinarily well. From her lightened locks to her crimson lips to her dark nail polish, Jennifer pulled out all the stops. Compared to her many flashy accessories, the blinding yellow gown was actually not much to write home about.


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