Kim Kardashian Jewelry Collection

Class and Kim Kardashian are words that rarely find themselves in the same sentence, unless the word ‘class’ is preceded by either  ‘low,’ or ‘lacking.’

However, it seems as though perhaps this is about to change as Kardashian is attempting to use her millions to acquire ‘class’ in its desired context. Kardashian is reported to have purchased three Lorraine Schwartz jade and diamond bangle bracelets at the recently held Christie’s New York Elizabeth Taylor Auction for the princely sum of USD 65,000.

Kardashian is known to have idolized Taylor and even had the opportunity to interview her shortly before her passing. As Kardashian believes that jade "transfers energy," she thought it prudent to acquire these bracelets so that some of Taylor’s energy can live on through her. And as we all know, Taylor had an abundance of class. 

There is no doubt that if just an infinitesimal amount of Taylor’s class will be transferred to Kardashian, it would be a tremendous result and possibly the best USD 65,000 that Kardashian has ever spent!

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