Russell Okung Proposes with Enormous Diamond Ring

It’s always exciting to follow celebrities, their relationships, and their very extravagant proposals, rings, and weddings. Although athletes definitely count as celebrities, they seem to lack the drama and pizazz that many celebs have, especially when popping the question.  


Well, when it comes to breaking that myth, Russell Okung is the champ. Why? Because the Denver Broncos offensive tackle surprised his girlfriend of two and a half years, Samar Mekhail, while on a tropical vacation with a massive diamond ring estimated at almost $2 million! Who said athletes can’t be romantic?


The Ring

There are no official statements regarding the cost of the ring, but based on its colossal size, it is believed to be close to $2 million. The diamond is so big it reaches from knuckle to knuckle. Set upon a simple, thin, platinum band, the diamond is held together by just four prongs. The simplicity of the ring actually allows it to shine even more on its own, as accents and side stones do not overshadow it.


The Proposal

Not only did the NFL pro propose with a very large and stunning ring in a super romantic spot but he also made sure to keep with tradition and ask for Samar's hand in marriage beforehand. It may have been a complete and utter surprise for Samar, but the family was made aware of Russell’s plans months before and friends prepared an engagement party for them upon their return to Miami.


Russell’s Success

Russell Okung's career recently took a giant leap when he signed a five-year contract with the Denver Broncos for $53 million, providing him with a whole new level of luxury. Between that and his upcoming nuptials with the beautiful Samar Mehkail, Russell is living the life. 

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