The Importance of Second Color Moderators

Although natural fancy colored diamonds contain anyone of 12 main colors, the majority are found with at least one or even two overtone colors. Perhaps not as valuable as a straight pure color, the combinations available are often still extremely appealing.


The question is, how much do we really understand about the impact these secondary colors have on the stones, or as our friends at Gemewizard like to say "how does one calculate the effect?"



Second color moderators have a great impact on fancy colored diamonds' values. But how does one calculate this effect? In this Part I of a 2-part series, Gemewizard discusses the effect of Brown and brownish second color moderators on fancy colored diamond prices.



In Part I, the effect of the Brown and brownish second color moderators on fancy colored diamonds' values was presented. In this Part II article, Gemewizard discusses the effect of Gray and grayish second color moderators on fancy colored diamond prices.



Gemewizard® develops digital-color-based software solutions for the fancy colored diamonds, colored gemstones and jewelry industries. As a pioneer in its field, its solutions have revolutionized the analysis, description, communication, pricing and trading of color in gems, providing trade professionals with unprecedented tools. Gemewizard®’s suite of products is based on GemeSquare™, its innovative color communication technology, which has been endorsed by GIA® Education, and since 2006 has been incorporated into the GIA® curriculum. Gemewizard® is the brainchild of Menahem Sevdermish.


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